Wednesday, February 01, 2006

IN Chinese New Year...

Got quite a lot of heavyweight ang pows (as usual) coming into the 4th day of Chinese New Year and my brother just went back to his RM 300k house in KL this morning - and I'm freaking glad.

Had a terrible case of diarrhea last night at 3 a.m. where I woke up from a bad windy stomachache. I virtually emptied my entire stomach into the toilet bowl and swallowed 2 tablets of CHARCOAL then sat around in the living room for a while before getting back into sleep. What a long and tiring night it was. Rootcause definitely being a combination of Korean seaweeds overdosage at my bf's friend's house plus the Pat Chan (Cantonese name for a type of traditional soup for women) I gulped down earlier that night.

Anyway, my brother didn't fail to piss me off once again - first the fact that when we cousins gambled together with our partners and my grandma, he gambled in RM3, RM5 and sometimes RM 10 when all of us either gambled only RM1 or RM 2, so in the end losing to my cousin brother. So now what? He stops playing with us, opens his mouth and complains that he just lost RM 70-RM 80 blah blah blah blah and my dad secretly gave him RM 20 (my dad was losing in mahjong as well) and he came back and gambled with us again - in the same nominations.

Afterwhich the cycle repeats itself - he lost and complained - my dad gave him another dunno how much for him to gamble te next day. And my brother took it again. He's do damn CHEAP I tell you. Helloooo!! YOU are the one who wanted to gamble so big then lose lose lah! Since you got plenty of money what. Do you think he'll give my dad some money if he wins? HAH. Not in a million years he won't. So what makes him think that he can simply take my dad's money AGAIN AND AGAIN after losing his own? He even said so proudly "This is given to me so if I lose then lose lah, but if I win it's mine" (something in between the lines) Shameless cheapass. Come on, how old are you again? 29 year old eldest son? So what if dad was the one offering you? You shouldn't take it!

I'm not bragging or anything. If I lose or win it's my own money. I don't take from my parents nor my grandma. That's why I know my style, I can't afford to lose too much money otherwise I will feel sakit hati (translate : [Malay] hurt very badly inside) that's the reason why I only gamble in RM1 and sometimes RM 2 only.

I took the extra mile in giving my parents ang pows of RM 50 each this year coz an elderly lady was telling me that it's time for children to give back their parents ang pows, as a gesture of showing them that you appreciated their love and hardship in bringing us up until this day. I never questioned my brother did he give my parents ang pows but if he was the one who took the initiative to give my parents ang pows he would be the first to question them or myself have I contributed my part. *eyes rolled*

There are a few more incidents that made me almost lose my top when all he does is to open his big loud mouth up when not being spoken to, causing me to literally hate him even more. I cannot stand the fact that he's acting and commenting on many things as though today, he is THE ONE forking out money and taking care of the entire family and that he's the BOSS, everyone has to bow down to him and obey him. Now he's commenting how my dad wastes water when he takes shower; commenting how rude dad is when he speaks on the phone; taking role as my dad in telling me what time I should be home; and the list goes on. I just have this feeling that he's beginning to criticise our parents, totally forgetting the fact that it was our parents that brought us up in a very harsh way, with limited financial and all.

Honestly, it's really ironic for me to be yearning for the day my own brother goes back to KL. But this is what he's doing to me - making me hate him more and more with his words and actions. There was a time when my aunt and cousins asked him to start preparing to get married by this year end, he said no money and my aunt commented that he can ask my parents to support him he said so loudly "Get married also need parents to support meh, no lah" I was thinking to myself "If you're so damn capable, try NOT asking any single cents from my parents or grandma!" He told them "I haven't even finished with the renovations of my house yet, have to see how much money is left from there first". So what does he mean? If there's no more money left then he'll consider opening his big mouth again and in comes money from my parents and grandma. CHEAP CHEAP CHEAP!!!!!!!

I really shouldn't start talking about him coz I know I couldn't stop.


On another note, my friends are also driving me nuts. A who's in Singapore says she'll be back for CNY and suggested to meet up with me and another friend, B. I took the initiative to call her asking when is the date she wanted to have the gathering. She said when and when she's not available and so I said ok, I'll talk to B on the date confirmation, but because I don't have B's mobile (mobile stolen last time) but happens so that A has B's mobile I asked A to give me B's mobile. I sms-ed B and in the end we decided on a date convenient to all 3 of us. But A doesn't have transport so I told her to liase with B to pick her up and she said OK. So we were supposed to meet today and yesterday I met B coincidentally and asked her did A contact her for tansport arrangement? She said no, no calls or sms from A at all so I said ok, maybe I'll ask A to call you or something, so I sms-ed A and she replied me that she can't seem to be able to reach B so she doesn't wanna go anymore. In the end B changed the venue and asked me to pick A up and she will send A back instead so I said fine.

And 2 hours before the appointment B sms-ed saying that last minute she can't make it. I've already lost patience coz A's attitude was really bad coz she was the one proposing a gathering and having no transport but in the end it was ME taking the initiaves and actions to put the gathering in place, and all she got to do was liase with B on transport arrangement and she gave the excuse of not being able to reach B, how is that possible? She just has to call B that's all! A has B's number so why can't she contact B herself? But A expects ME to go to the extent of arranging the transport with B FOR HER? In the end I also don't mind asking my bf to go and fetch her together and then B cancelled it last minute and A gets pissed off again asking us to inform her earlier next time for cancellations, well it's not MY problem anyway coz A and B are the ones that are HARDEST to please! I'm so pissed off coz I really feel that RICH PEOPLE ARE VERY HARD TO PLEASE. They expect us to serve them, do everything for them and gets unsatisfied easily when they never even contributed anything at all. So I told myself I ain't gonna do anything for them ever again. If they wanna have gathering then by all means go ahead and arrange it themselves. No more next time for me.


The only times when I feel happy during this Chinese New Year so far is when I joined my bf and his pals at the karaoke and also the afternoon spent at his house on the 2nd day of CNY, oh, and also the gathering with my dearest gal pals yesterday night.

I'm feeling a bit nervous about my first few days at the new workplace, because of transportation arrangements as I can only get my new car by end of the first working week. Other than that, I'm quite excited and looking forward to my new job, meeting new people and embracing the change into a new environment and new job functions. Good Luck and cheers ya all! Gong Xi Gong Xi!