Thursday, July 28, 2005

Indulge in the ultimate "head to toe pampering for rejuvenation and relaxation"

I've made a special surprise plan for my dear boyfren coz he's been going through a lot of stress with his workload.. contantly feeling tired and his facial skin is getting back the pimples etc.. pity him coz eversince year 2003 he's been having this problem with his face and it doesn't seem to get better.. now added on with higher workload and constantly tired running around, I guess it's about time to pamper ourselves and have some precious time for ourselves..

So the surprise plan is to bring him to Gurney Spa Suite to have a 2-hour long Balinese massage package. It comes with a 5 minute foot bath, 90 minutes' of Balinese massage and 25 minutes of private bath and sauna use. We are going to share a couple suite and we can have the bath after the massage.

I'm really looking forward to it, eventhough it's quite costly, per person is RM 155 nett with the total bill coming to RM 310; but i know it's well worth it, what the heck, we only live once and we don't do this everyday anyway. I've told my boyfren of this surprise but I didn't tell him where we're going or what to expect.. so I hope he will like it.. last nite he kept on asking me if the surprise will cost a lot of money and i told him whether or not it'll cost a lot, you must not reject my surprise.. coz it's a treat from me... for us... i know he's very reluctant to let me spend a lot of money coz he knows how i struggle sometimes and he feels bad for not being able to help... well thanks dear! but i can still afford this.. just for the 2 of us :)

Anyway, will be bringing my digicam there.. see if picture-taking is allowed.. i'd like to see the environment and have a 'feel' at it.. of course i must get my money worth.. heheheh...

Can't wait!! ~~

Wednesday, July 20, 2005

Jakarta training trip

Ok.. here's my first back-dated post with photos on my recent training trip to Jakarta from June 2nd to 5th 2005. Note that all the photos that I'm posting does not contain any of my 'portraits' but rather sceneries and some shots I'd like to snap as rememberance.

Ok, we'll start off chronologically:-

I stayed at Nikko Hotel Jakarta in the heart of Jakarta (where else?). I was actually a bit shocked to have to go through all the security checkpoints located at every possible entrance to the hotel (and many other entertainment outlets/hotels with high foreginer patronage). Well, seems like they have just issued out a warning on suspected bombing in the heart of Jakarta right before I touched down (1st of June).

Anyway, I snapped some photos of Nikko Hotel's lobby (on different days) coz i just couldn't resist the elegant view of it:-

Even the restrooms within the hotel looks so nice, clean, fresh and tidy:-

Upon checking into our room, we had to quickly exit it again after putting down our luggages coz we were really starving for dinner and didn't return to our rooms until 2am, after a night's out of drinks at another hotel (which we went through another round of security check-point), so here's the room's view, goodness I really loved my room coz it was really spacious and don't forget to check out the bathroom...

Yup.. so that's me taking the picture of the oh-so-beautiful bathroom complete with 2 sets of toiletries.. on the left there's the shower cube on outside the shower cube there's the toilet seat and on the right that's where the huge bath tub lies. Even the bathroom door is a huge and heavy solid wood one.. really posh...

Next while on the road we noticed a really tall monument right in the middle of a roundabout that is surrounded by fountains and it took me quite many attempts to finally get a clear shot of the fountain together with the monument in its full glorious light, apparently, according to the locals I was told that the monument cost USD 6 million and I just couldn't comprehend why the Indonesian government will want to pursue it at all; anyway I didn't forget to take another shot of the USD 6 mil monument during the day time of the same monument as well, just for clarity and comparison purposes:-

On our next day, we were tired as hell and had sore legs from walking around touring our paper mills, highly lack of sleep really kicked in and we needed a body massage badly. But because it was getting late, the in-house spa centre in the hotel has 'run out of supplies' for their Balinese massage package and we opted for the Aromatherapy Massage instead, this is how the private room looks like before i took my massage:-

I also manage to take a picture of the very localised transport called 'tut-tut' as well, I was told that the very first batch of these 'tut-tut's were imported from Thailand as they first initiated this from of transportation but as time goes by, they (The Indons) are making their own now. The 'tut-tuts' are kinda like our local Trishaws but it's a bit dangerous I would say, judging the speed that these 'tut-tut's travel in, sliding in and out of traffic queues..

Finally, who can forget a trip to the shopping mall after working hours, and I took a shot of the spinning main door where they placed 2 maneqquines with haute couture on them........

Actually, these are just a portion of the photos I took during the trip, it's my first time there anyway... come to think of it, this is the first time i've been 'overseas' other than to Ozie last time..

*yawn*, it's getting late, i'm off to hit the sack now.. nite nite....

Monday, July 18, 2005

Live life fullest - for yourself

My colleague's dad was hospitalised last weekend for heart attack on Friday night. It was due to his smoking at had his arteries blocked and when he was still at hospital, he drank quite a lot of water but didn't urinate that much and even had water up his heart.. she (my colleague) told me his heart is 'damaged' and it takes time to heal and he couldn't drive even after being discharged from the hospital.

She's telling me that this incident made her wonder how life is so fickle. Anything can happen to anyone of us at anytime, no signals, no telling when or where. Her dad is still in the hospital under monitoring and me and my colleague are planning to get blood tests to see if everything's ok with us in terms of blood pressure, cholestorel level, etc etc.. we were talking about how the people nowadays lead hectic lifestyles, it's as if digging our own grave.. into all the 'modern illnesses' - hypertension, stress, mental health level, diabetic.. i had my cases of migraine previously as well.. happened 2 or 3 times already.. i still remembered the first time i had it was when i was in Ozie studying back in 2002 and i guess the weather was too cold until i had migraine on the left (or was it right?) side of my brain.. it was short-lived (the pain) but i was terrified when i had it again when i started working here.. i thought the weather was just too hot as my computer is placed where it gets the afternoon sun directly.. i always get migraine when the weather gets too hot and i'm not in good health, i.e. highly lack of sleep over many many days or weeks, or when i'm under lots of stress from uni work (i study part time)..

I think I should really get myself a blood test though i'm awfully dreadful of syringes and what not.. actually last night while having Bak Kut Teh dinner with my bf's family, we were just talking about getting blood tests at Pathlab and his parents are actually going there this week, and i was also mentioning to my bf 2 days ago that he should get blood test done on himself as he really likes to indulge on really 'harmful' food like high-cholesterol sea food; pork parts etc etc... i'm just worried he might face some health hazards... he told me he really didn't have time at all, owing to his high workload... i can feel his agony coz he told me he's going through stress coz he's constantly feeling there's too many things to be done, with too little time.. and i can really feel him coz i'm going through the exact same thing now..

We bought a photo album each (the huge adhesive free-style type) to arrange all the photos that we took so far and his album will have all his 'past' photos (some with really close shoots with unknown girls damn him) such as the ones with his very hot ex-gf and some with his pals, family and friends.. i've made him agree that we will bring all our photos and do the arranging together this coming weekend and he raised his eyebrow, suspiscious of the fate of his 'forbidden' photos with the girl, but i insisted that we should do this together, just to foster some closeness that i feel is slowly fading.. not because i feel he doesn't love me anymore, but more like how he's under a lot of stress and rather than going out all the time, why not do some activites together that doesn't need a lot of money and we can slowly do it together and enjoy the moment we spend... i've always wanted to sit down and have a nice warm heart-to-heart talk with him, or just let him hold me in his arms and say nothing at all.. or do chores together.. it's a nice earthy feeling.

looking forward to this weekend. hopefully i can have him all to myself without sharing with others like last week. :(

Friday, July 15, 2005

My requests air-mailed at last - Welcome aboard Fluffy!

After work, my dad told me there was a parcel from my friend Catherine from Down Under and I was happy to hear that the stuff that I courteously requested her to buy for me had finally arrived. The thing is, I asked her to buy it and then pass it to me when we meet during the KL trip in June but apparently she forgot and my stuff were still stuck inside her suitcase til she got back to Ozie. That forgetful old lady (hah!). Imagine, she carried all those stuff all the way from Ozie back to Beijing then to KL then back Down Under again.. come to think of it I kinda feel bad coz I actually remembered about the stuff that I asked her to buy for me but I thought maybe she'd forgotten and so I was pretty reluctant to bring the topic up.. in case she really did forget to buy them for me I wouldn't want her to feel bad about it..

Anyway the stuffs that I asked her to buy was simple :-

1. A few tubes of fabric softener (concentrated) in soft packs - Fluffy brand with a yellow rubber ducky on the packaging
2. Wonder Cloth for cleaning up and wiping stuff - they're just good stuff for all my cleaning needs :)

And i really have to commend my dear friend Catherine for following exactly what I requested her to buy, as in a few tubes of Fluffy in different 'fragrances'; also the wonder cloth brand - Edco - coz i actually attached a photo to go with wonder cloth for fear she didn't get the idea what the hell i was talking about.. she actually bought 2 wonder cloths for me - one in Pink and another in the normal yellowish green colour.

Chatted with Catherine via Msn today and couldn't thank her enough for her kindness in going through all the trouble to get those stuff for me, bringing it back n forth in her suitcase and now spending AUD20 to get them mailed to me, and I couldn't even pay her back for all the stuff.. I know she doesn't mind but I really feel bad about it... to let her go through the fuss and all... I must get something nice and mail it to her as a token of appreciation... i Must.....

The first thing I did with the Fluffy-ies were to dump them inside my 2 wardrobes - 1 in the cupboard in my room and another 2 in my bigger wardrobe holding 95% of my clothes in my grandma's room.. i liked the way my wardrobe smelled every single time i open them! that's exactly the purpose of getting Fluffy-ies! to make my wardrobes smell oh-so-good!

And how could I resist opening up one of the wonder cloths to rinse it and wipe all the soft toys, my computer desk and everything that collected dust... the only thing i missed out was my laptop coz it was in my laptop bag and I couldn't be bothered to take it out, wipe it then wait for it to totally dry up then zip it back into the bag again - too much work.

Anyway, it's Friday night and I just went out with my boyfren.. it wasn't anything special but he came despite the heavy rain we encountered tonight... n i appreciated it...

the entire workweek had been so crazy with all the frieking workloads and all... still got a lot of entries to do.. but i'll leave all those for Monday... now i'm gonna totally enjoy my weekend! Will be going to Bon Odori (annual Japanese festival) and then hang out with my boyfren's current and ex colleagues at a new fun bar in town tomorrow night... so let's get geared up in the Weekend Mood!

Oh i gotta remember to call up my virtual/physical classmate to find out what are we supposed to be doing now that our results are out?? I really got no idea what we're supposed to do now.. venture off with our project thesis on our own or what?

It's weekend! Try to remember that! No more work talk or studies talk! Geeeez.....

Thursday, July 07, 2005

GM going down the drain

ok. so it's official. i'm not getting the job i interviewed for exactly 2 weeks ago. honestly speaking, i AM disappointed, not because i'm too arrogant to think that i'll definitely bag the job, but just because of the fact that i pulled strings, and they were desperate for ppl and even all that didn't land me the deal. it's ok i guess, but honestly i needed the pay they're offering. with that i could afford something that's very significant to me.... but let's not get into that ball of mess in my life.

i'm still feeling the aftermath of physical endurance upon returning from my company's trip last weekend. can't imagine that we can get old so fast.. just did a bit of running around, tele-match games, 45 minutes' of swimming, lack of sleep, strenous amount of sight-seeing under the sun and this is how much i'm worn out. i felt really feverish and sick the next day n went for the clinic that night. the damn doctor didn't even offer me any MC so i had to 'crawl' back to my house and back to office the next day coz my dignity doesn't allow me to ask for an MC due to a previous incident at another clinic. so i'm still going to work every single day without fail and seems like i made the right choice coz there are tonnes of work waiting for me. and if i don't turn up, nobody's gonna follow them up for me during my absence anyway......................... shrugs....................... i'm not gonna say i hate this job coz nearly 80% of ppl have that in mind so it doesn't make me any significant anyway.

had a not-so-nice phone conversation with my bf... i really begin to feel tired coz eventhough every single time i share with him how i feel, what makes me happy and what doesn't, end of the day nothing changes........................... when i'm sick he wasn't available, he said he forgot to switch on his phone..... though i don't feel happy about it but ( i just realised that when i press on keys 'b' 'u' and 't' at the same time my laptop beeps... what's all that about?) i can't blame him.. we argued over it and he really hurt my feelings by hurling and sms-ing me some heated words... to imgaine i'm still in the weakest moment being sick n all.. he still did that to me... after all that it's been 4th day now and i'm still not recovering, he never shows up to visit me, never sms me during his work break, but has time to have fun with his workmates after work. how can i not feel sad??

i always believed in the fact that 'everything always comes from the heart'. if you have the heart you can find courage, effort, time and everything in the world to do something, if only you have the heart . but he never let me feel he has the heart to show his concern about me, even when i'm sick... everything is just normal to him.... am i wrong to expect him more love and care and attention when i'm sick? after the fact that he couldn't even be there when i needed someone to accompany me to the doctor's? i really don't get it... it's been nearly 100 times since i told him what i wanted... just a simple short sms asking me how i am, how i'm coping, am i feeling better... makes all the difference... but why can't he even have the heart to do so? however hard you work, however long hours you needed to attend meetings, don't you have breaks? don't you eat lunch?? how about the times when you go and have fun after working hours? what do you call that then? more occupied time?

i'm really tired... mentally and physically.... it's like a cycle that never ends..... i'm just disappointed.