Friday, December 22, 2006

X'mas Shopping! Bvlgari & Bobbi Brown

Been out shopping quite a lot lately... Probably coz it's Christmas season (no I'm not Christian) but Christmas is not reserved for Christians only right?

Bought me-self a few luxury stuff just to lavish myself a bit for the hardwork I've gone through the entire year so far (hah! what a good excuse)

Bvlgari Omnia

Let's start off with a perfume set, it's been a loooooooooooong time since I bought perfume for myself - the last one being DKNY Be Delicious and so, here comes Bvlgari Omnia.

Bvlgari's Omnia range is not a new perfume, actually I was mesmerised by the scent of Calvin Klein's Euphoria Blossom:-

But the Euphoria Blossom set costs nearly Rm300 and the perfume itself costs RM190+ (forgot the actual figure) with BonusLink card, so I had the nice lady source me other perfumes and I found Omnia to be rather my taste - and the perfume set comes with a nice bag! I'm a sucker for perfume bags and would forego any other brands just to get my hands on a nice perfume bag that comes in a set.

The Bvlgari Omnia set consists of:-
Omnia EDT 40ml
Omnia body lotion 75ml
Omnia vial 1.2ml
Omnia black bag

And I'm a happy girl :D

I bought the set from Parkson and because it's more than RM200 (RM219 to be exact), hence I am 'entitled' to their exclusive paper bag:-

Front of the box set with vial:-

Back of the box:-

Peek into the box:-

The black bag (front view)

The bag (side view)

Inside the bag:-

EDT and Body Lotion:-

The various views of the EDT bottle:-

Bvlgari paper with the words imprinted:-

The vial:-

I like the scent but sadly I realised later on that it is just an EDT - I normally won't buy EDT perfumes coz they don't last as long as the EDPs but I guess I was too engrossed with the bag and the value of the whole set that I totally forgot to check out if Omnia is an EDT or EDP ... hahaha... But it's good in a way coz I can use Omnia as my daily perfume and use my EDPs for outings, functions or dinners.

EDT = Eau De Toilette
EDP = Eau De Parfums

& ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^ & ^

Bobbi Brown Lip Gloss Set

Went shopping with a colleague who's also off shift last week - she was looking for Bobbi Brown's foundation and I was just... mingling around... when I just couldn't resist the 3 lip gloss set that comes with a Bobbi Brown bag! I was having a friend's wedding function to attend later that week and Christmas just around the corner, I thought these might come in handy :)

The truth is, I don't put in lipstick anymore coz I felt it's very troublesome having to excuse myself to the washroom to touch them up whenever I felt like the colour is fading due to eating and so on.. But having lip gloss, it's much more convenient to put on whenever you like, even without a mirror, and the effect of a gloss is not too overpowering as opposed to a lipstick colour.

So check out the set!

This is the outer box:-

Sneek a peek:-

Top of the case:-

The gold zipper:-

Inside the case:-

Line up all the gloss:-

I particularly like the first nude shade from the left - it gives the lips a natural feel with shine; and the middle shade - it's perfect for dinner or parties as it gives a rasberry tone to the lips :)

Friday, December 08, 2006

Here comes my Ginger Bread Man!!!

Allow me to introduce to all of you - my latest member addition to my huge soft toy collection - Ginger Bread Man!

He's sooooooooooo cute I tell ya - he smiles ALL the time! He just cheers me up a lot whenever I sleep - hugging him into my arms - such a nice companion to sleep with.......... *aaawwwwwww* Actually he comes in 2 colours : the original brown, and this - beige and in the end I chose beige coz he looked 'fairer' in beige.. hahahahahhahha

Ginger Bread Man is a gift from my bf as a reward for my thesis completion... he's just so sweet! Actually he wanted to buy it for me on the spot (that was 2 weeks before my thesis deadline) coz I've told him a few times how cute the ginger bread man, but i resisted and I said to him : well you can buy it for me as a reward once I finish my thesis then! And he thought it was a good idea... but, for that time being, I bought myself these!

Check it out! How cute are these ginger bread man file clips? Super cute ok? I used them to organise some of my thesis research materials and stuff :)

Plenty of makan at Salsas!

Since we have started off with food posts, let's continue with it!

Next stop we'll take a look at a restaurant that used to be located in Kelawei Road (small place) but have since grown in popularity and needed a bigger space, hence they have moved to Upper Penang Road instead. This place is known as Salsas!

I've planned for a dinner here, coz my friend who wanted to set up a 'match-making-get-to-know-each-other' session for a good friend of his and I myself will bring along my nice God-Sister who's still single. In order not to let the atmosphere run a little too 'match-makey' feel, my friend was present, together with myself and my bf (and up until this date my bf still didn't understand why he went along in the first place :)

Anyway, we went there and it's a first time for most of them (my 2nd, I had my lunch at the old Salsas once) so we just ordered everything pretty randomly:-

This is what my friend ordered:-

An a-la carte salmon dish, to which the full name I've forgotten

His friend's(yeah the one being match-maked) set dinner began with an appetiser:-

The appetiser made up of a king prawn, a mussel, a thin slice of smoked salmon, and salad fruits and vegetables. Not bad for an appetiser, I would say.

He had a creamy soup and then a chicken main course which I didn't capture coz he was seated a bit far, hehe..

The set dinner I ordered which began with an appetiser - the same as the above and a spicy tomato soup:-

I liked the soup - pretty appetising.

My main course was a King Scallop and Chicken dish:-

And my God Sis ordered an a-la-carte baked seabass:-

My bf, being the carnivor as he is, ordered his favourite Rib Eye Steak (a-la-carte):-

All meals come with a serving of a type of bread (well I really don't know what kinda bread this is):-

Oh, and all set dinners come with a dessert, the dessert of the night is a cake (didn't remember what cake it was):-

All our dishes tasted pretty good, judging from the positive comments all of them made - am I a great host / planner or what? *HUGE GRIN*

However, towards the last few bites on my bf's steak, out of nowhere he spotted something on his meat (the steak ok?) which looked to him like a cockroach! *horrified* So we quickly signalled for the waiter and he in turn requested the manager to come over to have a look. Upon inspection, his face turned pale and kept on apologising and saying something along the lines of "oh I really don't know what to say, I'm truly sorry about this" and then seeked permission to clear his plate off, then offered my bf an alternate replacement dish. But my bf is about full with nearly 3 quarters of that steak and hence told the manager he couldn't take anymore full dish - in the end the manager offered him a lighter dish - a King Scallop with some veggies on the side - as a token of apology and my bf accepted it.

In the end, we (or should I say my bf) became the centre of attention for the night at Salsas and the manager later returned to inform my bf that it was a fly and not a cockroach and they really did not know how the fly ended up in the steak, and apologised again.

We saw he final bill indicated that the price for the steak has been waived - nevertheless, we all had an enjoyable meal and really thanked my friend's friend for his generosity in footing the bill, even being courteous to mention that it's his pleasure. How nice!!!

@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

last week, we went there again as my bf said the steak that they serve was really good (forget about the fly ok?) and so we went there for his pre-birthday dinner :)

This time, he ordered the set dinner that comes with a steak main course but he commented that the portion is smaller than the a-la-carte's, I didn't take a picture coz he said the presentation didn't look so nice, hah!

I ordered a french onion soup:-

And a main course of Seafood Delight:-

Well we didn't enjoy the food as much as we enjoyed the last time, maybe because the soup that I had didn't really suit my taste bud (it had a lot of cheese in it - in a soup???? hmmmm....) and... i'm not sure, it just didn't click that much this time.

All in all, Salsas still come recommended from us, just not on a frequent basis. The atmosphere is pretty nice for gatherings and chit chat, or for couples to enjoy a warm dinner.

Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Roti Canai @ Transfer Road

It has been a very long time since me and my bf had breakfast together and out of the blue, I thought of the yum yum roti canai at Transfer Road that we haven't visited for quite some time now...

One fine Saturday morning, we decided to munch there... my bf woke up a bit late and we got there quarter to 11am and still, the place was crowded....

This is the stall (in action):-

Our Teh Tariks (milk tea); cold = mine; hot = my bf's

My Roti Telur (bread with egg):-

My bf's Roti Kosong (Plain bread):-

The............ Mutton! (we had 2 helpings of these tender mutton..mmmm!!!)

Yet another satisfying meal, though I must comment that the teh tarik wasn't as nice as it should be, but the mutton mixed with the rotis overcome all the flaws....

The ultimate Nasi Briyani - courtesy of Datuk K :)

Towards the end of the Puasa Month (Muslim Fasting month prior to Hari Raya), I had the privellege of tasting the best Nasi Briyani that Datuk K (actual name has been modified to protect the innocent :) bought me for my dinner:-

I just couldn't resist but to capture everything down (boy i'm glad I did, coz it's THAT good ok? must share with everyone)

This is how it looked like when Datuk K passed the "dinner package" to me:-

This is the overview content inside the package:-

Tis - the Turkey meat curry that Datuk K highly recommended:-

And tis - the side veggie curry

Check out the actual Nasi Briyani................

That comes with a hidden piece of mutton! (I love me mutton...............)

Step 1 : Heat up the turkey curry as instructed:-

Step 2 : Check out the veggie curry closeup:-

Step 3 : Who can miss checking out the turkey meat? Whoa!!!! Tender man!

Step 4 : Set aside a portion of nasi and chunky mutton

Step 5 : Dig in! (of course i'm not gonna show you how I eat)

After round 1:-

Hmmmm..... Not enough still... I wan some more of those turkey meat and curry!

Let's add in more rice for round 2:-

Within 5 minutes, around 2 is done! Tada!

Check out the amount of nasi briyani and mutton meat leftover.... and imagine.. I've whalloped so much already!

A VERY satisfying meal indeed.... and I was home alone that night.......... YUMMY! I'm definitely gonna have more of this stuff when puasa month comes again next year :D

Once again, thanks Datuk K! I really learnt a lot of new 'makan' places from you and thanks for this nice meal indeed

p/s : my grandma went and threw all my leftover nasi briyani out the next morning wihtout saying a word and without even asking me! Reason? She thought the colour of the rice is due to me putting overdose of curry the night before and assumed that it went stale already! And just threw everything away! And YES! there goes my favourite mutton!!!!!!!! :( I've since confessed to Datuk K but he was really kind enough to excuse me..err.. my grandma, how nice of him! :)