Thursday, August 31, 2006

Someone stole my limelight!!! I HATE HER!!!

Out of nowhere suddenly i couldn't search my blog via Google anymore!!!!!! It only comes up this stupid blog and my blog can no longer be found! You JADE PHOENIX IMPOSTER, get out of my space!

Apparently this imposter uses - even using Jade Phoenix as her signature on every post - what the hell?

I started MY blog way back in June 2005 - and the imposter only started in July 2006 (a month ago), who is she to steal my 'search' result away from me?

I always go to Google and search for my blog '' and then access from there coz I don't wanna bookmark it in my work PC (since I don't intend to let people know my real identity) but I can no longer do so.....!!


Because of....
This Jade Phoenix IMPOSTER!!!!!!

I'm so sad.......

Sure, she's got a flashy blog.. with chat box, nice designs, music in the background, etc etc..... but I don't care about all these things coz my blog is where I express myself freely and I just want mine to be easily searchable and accessible!!! Why does she have to steal it away??????? go and use other names to your blog will ya?

Monday, August 14, 2006

Drop dead gorgeous bracelet!!!

I did lotsa shopping over the weekend (SO SHIOK not having to work both days) and look what I've got! (This is definitely Not the only thing I bought k?)

Drop dead gorgeous bracelet! Check it out!

On the accessories side, I'm only highly fond of 2 things : Ear Rings and next comes Bracelets! I'm not a huge fan of necklaces nor rings nor belts nor anklets, whatever.

I must say Vince & Co. did quite a good job in establishing itself to become one of the brand name in the line of accessories in just a short period of time by aligning itself with a brand name and logo; showcase of up-to-date offerings; girly displays; engaging a marketing company to package all its products from head to toe; rolling out seasonal themes; and not forgetting all the 'expert' uniformed sales girls manning the frontlines, I do salute them for that, coz when Maggie T started out, their success weren't even close to where Vince & Co. is at now.

Let's get back to my bracelet! Well allow ME to do some modeling for you on the bracelet...... BEHOLD!

Soooo pretty!!!!!

Me gonna wear it with my princess tops - I have a black one and a white one - perfect!!

Check out the box and bag it came with:-

No Joke

Thanks ya all, appreciated all the care bear love

To all of you who cared (you know who you are), I sincerely thank all of you - for asking me how am I, am I ok, what happened, even tried to call me - I still have friends out there who cared afterall, and life is just about that, isn't it?

Anyway, I'm past the phase now, and I'm back to my usual self, after thinking things over; then talking things over - I think the culprit deserved the sleepless nights and knows what to do now (i hope!)

What I realised:-

Live life for yourself; not for others;
Always love yourself, as nothing is worth foregoing that for
@ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @ @

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Sad... and disappointed...

I really don't understand.. I never stopped helping you along the way, all the way... just to realise that you are not even helping yourself.


It's not that I never told you what to do; it's not that I never reminded you; it's not that I never offered you my help to achieve those that you wanted to do; and I knew well that there are things that I asked you not to do - such as repeating time and again all the mistakes you always make; the very same mistakes over and over again.

I don't understand how you can never learn from past experiences - past mistakes that happened all because of your carelessness and negligence, your ignorance, your taking for granted things will always go smoothly, your assumption that things will never go wrong.

I'm tired. Just like how I told you tonight. I'm tired that I keep on helping you and helping you, yet you screw things up, you let things happen, which, if you were to listen to what I said, will never happen.

I'm really upset, disappointed, and very sad that you never seem to realise the impact you make on myself whenever you do this - not learning from mistakes and always forego my advice - in the end screwing things up - I just felt that all my efforts are just FOR NOTHING. And I don't even know why I still keep on doing what I'm doing, after SO LONG.

I am short-tempered, but all for the right reasons; which for some reason, doesn't seem to be understood by you at all.

Am I just being stupid all this while?


I couldn't let this go. Coz everytime I try to let go, the same thing happens again in future. I really feel hopeless and tired.

I need time to calm myself down. I don't even know why Icried, and why i'm even crying now, since it's not even any BIG of a deal to you at all.

I know you'll never read this. Coz you don't even bother to come here anymore.

It's midnight now and basically I have worn myself out today - doing all my work stuff at home when it's my off day, and I don't even know what I'm trying to achieve.

The thing that hurts me the most is - you never realise how hurt I am inside and only see my ugliness of getting all upset because of your mistake.

Maybe you don't even understand me AT ALL, when all I wanted to do was to open up your shell and get into your heart all these years, but you never let me.

I so wanna YELL right now!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


I'm so sad................ i'm really hurting inside...... and nobody knows.........................................


Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Lunch alone @ home

It was Monday yesterday and my usual off-shift day, difference was that I only worked on Wed & Thu last week and we had team building event for the whole of our department (40+ people) on Friday - well that translates to no work on Friday see; and I won't work until this Thursday! Ain't that cool or what?

Anyway, usual Monday where I will laze around at home, and eat in as well, so my grandma usually cooks for 2 (rice, that is), she faithfully fries some veggies everyday and my dad usually 'ta paos' (take-away) some dishes to go from outside - sometimes fish ball soup, curry chicken, rempah (Malay for spices) fish, chicken feet, wan tan soup, etc etc.. and that's our meal(s). (my dad normally doesn't eat at home, due to my grandma's constant nagging which i normally put up with, involuntarily)

My grandma usually attends to her Mahjong sessions (yes she can still play mahjong at her age, and very well if I may add) every Saturdays and Sundays, with my dad being the driver coz the place is around Green Lane (nowhere remotely near my house btw), and stays at home during weekdays, watching a mixture of Astro Wah Lai Toi, TVB8, TVB Xing He, Animal Planet, CCTV & National Geographies channels.

The phone suddenly rang around 1130am and it's my grandma's Mahjong Kaki (usual Mahjong game players), asking her to come by as they're short of 1 player. My dad was still at home (he normally goes out for his own daily Mahjong sessions around 1230pm) so he agreed to drive her there.

So my grandma went out with my dad, leaving me alone in the house, with cooked rice and dishes. Normally I dread lunching alone with my grandma, not because of any unfillial reasons whatsoever, just solely for the reason of her always demanding us to finish off all the dishes so she doesn't have to store them back in the fridge, even if it meant having to force ourselves to finish them after we felt full.

It's actually my first time having lunch at home alone, with ready made dishes and cooked rice. So lunch time came for me about 2pm (had late breakfast) and here's my cosy little homey lunch (it'll be the same for dinner as well, and I wasn't complaining at all):-

Clockwise from top:-
Fried veggies my grandma cooked
Sweet meatballs with tomatoes & red beans my dad bought (he knew i always liked red beans)
Curry prawns with timuns (cucumber) - this for only RM2! My dad claims that the lady under charged him

And here's my rice! (Ain't the plate classic? I Love it coz it grew up with me)

My dad had Char Koay Kak (a type of fried squarish thingy sold by hawkers) for his lunch :- but didn't finish it and so it ended up on the table:-

How could a lunch be complete without my new found favourite drink? Nestle Bliss yoghurt drink - Kiwi flavour:-

I had a very wonderful and satisfying lunch with all of the above and what's more, my dad even ta pao-ed some Bak Kut Teh to go with our dinner and I waited for them to come back and join me :) But the acclaimed Klang Bak Kut Teh didn't taste anywhere near the original ones at all - hmmm.. I still like the one in Air Itam :)