Wednesday, January 25, 2006

Doggie Lunar New Year

Zhao Chai Jiiiiiinn Baaaaaaaaoooo........! (Translate : [Mandarin] Attracting wealth into your home)

Me and my bf have been singing this song, uhm, more like a verse to be exact so we can have more wealth during this auspiscious Chinese New Year 2006 - welcoming the Year of the Dog! Money money come come, money money come come..... mari mari mari! (Translate : [Malay] Come)

Gong Xi Gong Xi is just 3 days away and already it's CNY??? Since when does time fly in lightning speed instead of YEAR speed? Unbelievable as to how time can zoom past us so quickly. It's really true that time passes by like a snail when you're away from home + if you're homesick or having a rough time at the new place; but the very same timframe can zoom right past you year in and year out leaving you feeling like you've just been through life for a month or two.

I'm not looking forward to this year's CNY - in terms of not looking forward to the return of my brother (which is tomorrow btw). Just 2 days ago he called me up and asked me what kind of job did I manage to get in the new company (apparently my mom told him about me starting my new job after CNY) and how am I going to work without transport; and when I told him I've booked a car waiting for the car to arrive he continued to INTERROGATE the price of the car, how many years am I taking the loan for; why didn't I buy a MyVi (waiting period of 8 mths to 1 year? you gotta be joking!) and asked me 'Between Kelisa and Kenari which car is cheaper?' which directly translates to "If you're gonna get a car get the cheaper one since you can't really afford it with ease" so I just sorta told him off by saying I'm the one who's paying every single cents from the downpayment up to monthly loan repayments, thank you VERY MUCH for your KIND concern whether am I gonna ask from my parents or my grandma.

I told my bf about it and I said "Luckily he didn't ask you how much is your salary in the new job", coz guess what? If he asks me, I'm going to ask him how much is his salary then? And if he asks me why do I wanna know then I will ask him back then why does HE WANNA KNOW then? What makes him think he's much superior than I am? I afford everything I want where he just opens his mouth and money comes plonking right into his hands, easy as 1-2-3. I give my parents money every single month without fail, even sometimes I'm a bit tight or short on cash but still I know I must give my parents, no matter what. Unlike some people who SHIOK SHIOK give, SHIOK SHIOK don't give. Then better keep all your freaking money to yourself, you cheapass!

So I know I shouldn't be getting so upset approaching CNY but he never fails to bring out the upsetness in me. He's coming back with my mom tomorrow and I'm forced to move away all my stuff to my grandma's room coz I'll be staying there (just like every single CNY) and not to mention my total denial of Internet access coz he'll be occupying it 24 X 7 from my room. bah.

He better not ask me anything else about my new job, coz I ain't gonna tell him more coz I'm not obliged to report to him about my life!

Enough of frustration.

Here let's wish for a better tomorrow and of course, a wealthy Lunar New Year ahead with abundance of Wealth, Prime Health, and lots of Love all around everyone of us. Aim high, work hard but work smart, and may good luck follow us always.

Happy Chinese New Year 2006 everyone!

Gong Hei Fatt Choy!

Friday, January 06, 2006

My X'mas presents!

Me and my bf agreed to get X'mas pressies for each other and I got this!

Actually my bf asked what I wanted for x'mas present but I told him he should have noted the few occassions where I've expressed my likings towards some stuff and it's gonna be no fun if I were to pin-point to him what I exactly wanted; coz ultimately, anything that he buys me is precious to me :)

So he purposely went shopping on 23rd of Dec and got me an Aromatherapy set that I thought was cute coz there's a fisherman fishing (obviously) see!

And the sides are also decorated with fishy shaped holes so if you light up the burner at night with lights off, the walls will be full of fishes!


How nice and frenly is the fisher's face? He's so cute coz he doesn't even realise that he'll never be able to catch a fish (other thatn the one he already caught during high tide heheh) from a pool of water contaminated with fragrant oil that is constantly being burnt! :)

Due to his budget constraint, I had to buy myself the fragrant oil (which I'm glad in doing so coz he's no good in selecting the right aroma for me :) so I bought one from Lovely Lace - Rose scent coz it smells really good! Makes me feel good too :D

I didn't actually buy a present for my boyfren, so I spent 3 days making a 3-D like card for him instead (that's the one featured in an earlier post)

And this is Catherine's belated X'mas gift! All the way from Down Under

There's a card that came in an apple green envelope; a handmade x'mas star-bell and a precious guardian angel made of pewter!

How thoughtful of her to improvise on her passion for Chinese Knots and make a very Christmassy Star-shaped knot with details of Large bow, tiny red and gold ribbons and a bell to make it such a hearty X'mas present! And what's more, it even came with a home-made Gold-Starry pack that oozes even more Christmassy feel!

That's not all, she even bought me a nice and elegant guardian angel made of pearl and Australian pewter ........

What about the card? How could we miss that one out huh? Here it is...... I've never doubted an artists' touches to anything.. it just makes the piece fall into place regardless of what they're trying to make...

Good things come in HIDDEN packages

It's already the Year 2006 so STOP being such a slacker and procrastinater!!!!!!

That's me right there giving a hard time on myself coz I'm such a lazy bum.

Truth is, A LOT has happened lately and it's so hard to re-cap everything in a go, I'll TRY to summarise it right here (latest to oldest):-

1. I've got a new job and will be starting work in February
2. I'm gonna buy a new car to ferry myself to and from the new workplace
3. I've got LOADS of new clothes for Chinese New Year or for whatever purpose
4. I've got a cute aromatherapy set for my X'mas present from my honey!
5. I received a belated X'mas present from my dear fren DownUnder Catherine!

And........... last but not least...................
6. I've managed to recover my laptop after it has been stolen approximately 2 months' ago!

For all of the above, I consider myself A REALLY REALLY LUCKY & BLESSED GIRL to have been blessed with so many good things that I thought was impossible to realise, such as landing a new job, finally being able to get my own car and not to mention recovering my laptop! (All the way from KL) and all the LOVE that was showered to me by my family, good frens and of course, my sweet boyfren. They have all been supportive and sincerely happy for my positive changes... thanks to everyone who cared.........

What a great wrap to the year 2005 and a beautiful head start to the new year 2006!

Wishing a Happy and Fruitful year 2006 for all!