Saturday, April 28, 2007

Red Chopsticks @ I-Avenue

Had lunch with JY one fine afternoon upon the pretext of trying it out since her co-worker did give some good comments on the food..
Red Chopsticks literally had the whole shop adorning red chopsticks practically on each table - and I was commenting to JY that if I were to open a shop, I would name it Green chopsticks instead coz red is such a common colour for chopsticks and it doesn't really give a lot of Branding and Product Differentiation touch to it, people won't really remember Red Chopsticks after a while but they'll surely remember Green Chopsticks :)

Ironically, our table had NO chopsticks -_-
We were both extremely hungry by then so both of us ordered rice...

JY ordered rice with Pork Leg Vinegar

while I had the rice with Tau Yiu Bak (cooked with soy sauce)

And we also ordered their signature dessert - Chendol! They offer so many types, and they boast their chendols made of pure 100% Pandan with no artificial colouring.
Check out my chendol with extra attap chee!
All in all, the food were all good, especially the Chendol.... man! It's so fragrant and smooth..... eventhough a bit expensive but it was indeed a ncie and big one... But I have to say the rice was not cooked and hard :(

Oh, and they serve wet towels too

Pulau Perhentian.... Our holiday escapade!

Get ready Pulau Perhentian... Coz here we come!:D

Friday, April 27, 2007

Collection of Home Meals

I'd like to share some of the nice meals I had at home so far... some cooked by my mom, some take-aways from coffee shops and some I cooked myself :)

During December there will be a day where Chinese celebrates a festivity called "Dong Zhi" (Mandarin for the end of Winter season). It indicates that we are at the end of the lunar year in terms of end of Winter season (referencing China of course). It's a time to celebrate that we have safely endured another year and looking forward to a better season and new year ahead of us.

For this, we must eat sweet dumplings and I still love it even to this date, eventhough it has become more of a yearly routine than something normally only kids get excited about.

Due to the amount of work involved preparing the dumplings, in which I normally help out in shaping the dumplings out, we decide to buy these from the markets instead, as my grandma is getting older and my mom can only make it back the night before the actual festive date and unable to help out..

So here's a feast we get to enjoy! All prepared by my dear mom...
% # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % # % #
Sometimes, I cook myself noodles and I just loooooove this Korean noodle Shim Ramyun, I picked this up while studying in Brisbane last time where my Korean friend introduced me to this super spicy noodle and I couldn't have enough of it since then!

A guide to cooking Shin Ramyun (From left to right and top to bottom):-
1. Recognise the packet so you can get one of these yourself next time you go shopping (read : Korean shops if you're overseas)
2. Heat up your wok or whatever you decide to cook this in
3. Open up the packet - you should be seeing one chunk of noodle; 1 packet of chilli powders and 1 packet of dried vegetables (made up of spring onions, carrots, mushrooms, etc)
4. The left one's the chilli powder while the right one's the dried veggies
5. Cook your noodle and while it's getting soft...
6. Pour in the chilli powders,
7. then the dried vegetables..
8. Cook till your noodle gets soft enough for your tastebuds and serve onto a big, nice-looking bowl
9. Enjoy! coz this is damn good stuff I tell ya

Good till the last drop for me :)
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Next allow me to introduce one of my favourite Fried Hor Funs (Broad flat rice noodles)... my dad used to take away this when he has his breakfast at the coffee shop as I normally sleep in during my off days...

Good Cha Hor Fun (in Hokken) coz it's got huge and fresh prawns, veggies, fish, chicken, and fish cakes. And most importantly............! The sambal that comes with it is just.. simply...... irresistable! Hot, nice and spicy! Yummm.....

Food Loft @ Gurney Plaza

Went and had dinner with Datuk K and Hui for Hui's farewell... she's leaving the company (my company) to embark on a better opportunity and Datuk K and myself would like to have a nice dinner with her... and so they've decided on Food Loft... I must admit that the ambience itself is undeniably cosy, upmarket with clean lines.. it's a nice place to have a cosy dinner and chit chat with some friends.

This is only the second time I set foot at Food Loft... the first time KC and her gf treated me to a nice meal after helping them out on a few translation documents... I had a pretty tough time after consuming the thick slab of cod fish... and let's not get into that now...

After much time spent in deciding on what to order, finally we settled down with each of our main course, and ordered 2 side stuff to be shared amongst all of us...

Hui had her favourite Spaghetti Carbonara.. with added cheese on the order itself, and she helped herself with more added cheese after that.....

Datuk K had a nice Chinese style Chicken Noodles...
While I had my favourite Spaghetti Marinara myself....
The 2 side dishes were the steamded dumplings, and my recommendation of Peking Duck...
The dumplings were a tad too salty, but everyone complimented the Peking Duck as a good choice... of course lah! You must see who recommended it! ;-)

The drinks were nothing to write home about, they're practically ready-made and stored in the fridge (so un-fresh) and Datuk K's Aloe Vera drink didn't taste good at all (he's my guinea pig before I went ahead and ordered one myself, after tasting a marvellous one back in Jakarta last time)
Overall, the food were not bad as all of us did enjoy our meals but not the drinks though.

laiming to achieve the "Trendy and upscale international dining concept", the Food Loft strives to do just that by utilising an order card thingy for each customer and they will bring along this card to the open kitchens which serve a variety of food from Chinese, Japanese, Korean, Western, Nyonya, etc; and hand over the card to the attendant for order locking into the system.

End of the day, customers just bring the order card to the cashier for payment. If you lose the card, you must pay them RM 50! (This is actually written between the fine lines at the back of the card) Honestly I think this is a total waste of time, but Datuk K thinks that this is pretty innovative (well that's four thousand and one differences identified so far)
Hui and I went to the washroom and I was pretty impressed! Chandellier lights (don't care it's real or fake) hanging from the ceiling of a washroom?
And one of the contemporary water taps have become 'crooked'.... but still functioning!
The views I took from the window seat where our table was.............. Ahhh.... good ol' Gurney Drive....
More pics of Gurney Drive at night (Yep I was basically there during the evening inside Gurney Plaza and sitting outside along Gurney Drive the very same night)

Digi Roadshow..

Any Malaysian knows that the war between our beloved 2 main mobile service provider are as hot as chilli padis... and it's no surprise that we're seeing their roadshows coming up on frequent intervals...

A couple of weeks ago, Digi did a roadshow at Gurney Plaza and it was pretty big, not in terms of the floor space occupied, but in terms of scale... I was dining with Datuk K and Boon Hui at the 4th floor of Gurney Plaza the day before to have dinner, and saw a massive swarm of yellow-t-shirt-adorning people at the Gurney Drive hawker centre... and later I found out that Digi actually sponsored all the t-shirts for all the hawkers there *gasp*
And on Saturday, we checked out their roadshow...

The Digi car.... (God knows for what reason or any relationship with Digi)
The crowd....The uncle who's supposedly the ice-cream provider must be laughing himself out from within, looking at the amount of ice-creams "sold out" during the roadshow, counting the money he's gonna get from Digi by end of the day.... Mmmmm...
Look at all the endless tubs and tubs of ice-cream already gone? With the empty tubs still piling up!
And the cutest thing was, I saw this mini pool that's supposedly a fishing game of duckies (the yellow, red and blue duckies were actually featured on one of their long line of adverts), but none of the attendants entertained me even when I was so eager to get my hands on it :(The highlight of the roadshow was definitely.......... none other than their famous trademark Yellow Men!

Check out their awkward dance moves.... bwahahahaa...

They offered all Digi users a chance to take pictures with the Yellow Men.... not that I'm very fond of that though... coz they looked sweaty, hot and what not...

Saturday, April 21, 2007

New Lane Hawkers

Had a slightly early dinner at New Lane last Saturday... and as usual, the place was getting busier by the minute..

Since we were early, we managed to grab hold of a bowl of porridge that normally sells out by 8pm or somtimes before that..

Good porridge this was.......

And I was thinking... it has been a long time since I had Char Kuey Teow, so I ordered one after verifying again and again with my bf that this stall's is not bad....However, the moment I saw my Char Kuey Teow, I knew it wasn't gonna taste good (I'm that good in looking at food ok? Especially my favourites)

And indeed, it did not taste good AT ALL - what a disappointment, to think that quite a few outstation people actually recommended this Char Kuey Teow stall -_-

We ordered Batu Maung satay as well... and my bf argued with the lady that this is not Batu Maung satay and was in the midst of insisting she exchange it with real Batu Maung satays (coz the stall sells the normal satay and Batu Maung satay) - but I told him this IS batu maung satay and only then he let go of his 'bite' on the lady... haha

Sakae Sushi @ QueensBay Mall

Went and had early dinner with some co-workers from neighbour team during dinner break at 430pm @ Sakae Sushi.. that was the first time and how nice as all of us ordered different things! The whole place was practically deserted with only 2 tables other than us :)

Interior of the place..
This is the Teppanyaki station...
We order our food through the computer located at each table - you can browse the real menu first, and then order through the computer - everything from a la carte to sushis and teppanyakisGlancing through the history of Sakae Sushi (?) Cute saucers
Wasabi and soy sauce.. too bad they don't have sweet soy sauce that Sushi King offers
The green tea is DIY though... but they allow you to DIY in refills via the hot water tap thingy at each table.. so you don't have to go through the pain of getting someone to refill them, like what we always have to do at Sushi King..
This is the Chicken rice thingy..
Kimchi beef ramen...
Cold ramen set that comes with Tempura..Breaking and dropping the egg...
Stir vigorously...
and finally my beef ramen...

I'd say that the a la carte items were actually much tastier than I expected it to be.. and the sushis were not as good as those at Sushi King's... I sampled all of the other rice/ramen except the cold ramen which I will never order because it's cold.....

I loved the soup base of the Kimchi ramen... the Chicken rice thingy was really fragrant when it first landed on the table itself... and all throughout the eating process as well... and my own Beef ramen was not bad as well... I must say that I was never fond of ramen coz the ones that those authentic Japanese restaurants serve is mostly very big in portion and contains a lot of stuff which I do not like to eat... not sure the veggie names but I didn't like them at all.. and most of the soup were just plain and the ramens' texture not to my liking.. but these ones were actually pretty suited to my likings :)

Argghhh... all these food posts are making my stomach growling, and I've only done 3 food posts so far! One more to go before I sign off for the night and hit the sack