Wednesday, February 28, 2007

CNY Days 4 & 5

Lunch @ Zealand Cafe Gurney Drive
It was a very crowded afternoon at Zealand when we arrived, we were lucky to have someone attend to our order not long after we were seated, coz half way through our lunch, the couple seated on the table next to us were STILL waiting for their remaining orders to arrive :S :S :S and they ended up paying the bill for the food that were served and walked away in a very pissed off manner (IMHO they should've done that ages ago, considering the fact that they have asked and asked about their food numerous times)

Brought my bf there for lunch as they serve tasty Bak Kut Teh, hence we ordered a set of bak kut teh and a side dish of their specialty 3-flavoured ToFu (this is one yummy tofu i tell ya)
Some sceneries in front of us while we eat (more waiting than eating)
Gurney Hotel & Sanctuary Spa

The lobby
The roomThe recreation centre @ 7th floorLooking down from 7th floorIt's a Bull's eye! The guy behind the bull's eye..... (my bf)Sanctuary Spa

Tuesday, February 27, 2007

Chinese New Year 2007 ~ Kong Hei Fatt Tai Choy!!!

Happy Chinese New Year!!!

Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi Ni Yah; Gong Xi, Gong Xi, Gong Xi Ni~~~~~

So what have I been up to during the long Chinese New Year holidays? Plenty, actually.... I enjoyed my CNY, despite having to work during the eve of CNY on the 17th but it's ok! I get my off days til 23rd..

Let's welcome the Year of Boar and all of us are looking forward to a healthy and prosperous new year!

Let's see.... as usual... I'll start off by introducing some CNY decorations.... this time we head to the newest, largest, and longest shopping mall in Penang - QueensBay Mall...

There were nice decorations adorning the "lobby" at my apartment as well :)

Nian 30 (Eve of Chinese New Year)

Reunion dinner! My mom cooks up a storm every reunion dinner and this year, I'm not around to help her out since I gotta work 3 days before CNY, so she has to do all the cleaning and dinner preparation all by herself (not that I help THAT much), and we had..........

Clockwise from top most: Steamed fish, suckling pork (from Pulau Tikus), Super size prawns, and the ever famous 'Joo Hoo Char' (Hokkien for an authentic hokkien dish made up of sotong strips, bangkuang, carrot, mushroom, sliced pork strips, etc.) The Joo Hoo Char goes best with 'Sang Choy':-Oh, not forgetting we have abalon soup as well! What a nice feast!

After dinner, my brother recommended a new way to make Lychee/Longan cocktail, using... ice cream soda... it tastes refreshingly good! So next year, we won't need to buy packet lychee drinks no more then :)

CNY Day 1

As usual, after my relatives came to pai nian (CNY greet) with us (coz my grandma stays with us), we head over to my uncle's place @ Marina Bay... where at night, we had similar dishes for dinner again, just this time, we had the company of all our uncles, aunties, cousins, etc... and I tell ya, nobody's complaining of the same food, coz they are That good!! Especially the Joo Hoo Char, we even had a shortage issue but it was overcome by my mom cooking up baked beans with scrambled eggs.

After dinner, we continued with our gamblings - Black Jack, and suddenly we heard sounds of fireworks and headed out to see... some dudes drove a jeep load of fireworks and lit them up just directly opposite Marina Bay - and we're the lucky ones to witness the awesome, lengthy, and definitely costly fireworks!
CNY Day 2

I went to my bf's place to pai nian with his parents and had lunch there as well - the prawns his mom cooked was excellent as well - similar to my mom's cooking but it still tasted a bit different...

Afterwhich we headed to my bf's relative's place... chit chatted quite a bit, then went to his pal's place for a while, check out the fishes at the lobby of his friend's apartment:

After all the visitings, me and my bf headed back to my uncle's place for more Black Jack and met Lay Loo - cousin Dennis' gf as well - still as pretty and fair as she used to be...

CNY Day 3

Day 3 is a bit busier as we had to attend a lunch gathering with my bf's high school mates at CRC Restaurant... the Shark's Fin were to die for... I didn't capture any pictures there coz... it's pretty embarrassing since I don't know any of them at the 2 tables and they're surely gonna think i'm crazy or never had any restaurant food before :)

After lunch, we headed back to my uncle's place since my cousin sister Noelle just arrived with her hubby (get ang pows from her haha) and also stick around for a while (yes, more gamblings, c'mon, we're Chinese :), until it was dinner time where we had to head off to another gathering with my friends at T-Jay's... food were nothing to write home about, sad to say, and we headed off to Sega's to meet up with my gal pals - Lesley, her friend Kevin, Fish & hubby, her brother and Mun. We had a fun time catching up and making fun of each other, though the turn up rate wasn't full, still we made an effort to meet up.

I'll put up another post for CNY days 4 and 5 coz it's gonna be a long one :) stay tuned!

Ang Pows!

Ang pows are very common during CNY but there are some with designs more outstanding than others.. I like to collect cute or special ang pows... here's some of them :)