Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Fabio Cannavaro - SO DAMN HOT !!!

Goodness, I never realised how hot Cannavaro has become and i've been totally burnt by him with the advance of each match!

Hot to the Max OK !!!

He's 33 but still so sexy- tip-top condition bod (nice butt if I may add); good looks; enchanting deep-set eyes, sexy set of lips, great smile, coolness but powerful defense skills on the field, great botak (Malay for bald) head, graceful postures on and off field (you can never see him slouching whatsoever), and what's more, he's the Italy team captain! Ohhhh he's such a huge hottie and I'm Soo VERRRRRRRRRRRRYYYYYY obsessed with him.

Check this out: "He (Cannavaro) is also a sex symbol in his native Italy and was recently voted "sexiest player" of the 2006 World Cup." Now you have no more doubts as to why I'm sssOOooOooOoooOOoooo obsessed with him now, huh? Don't believe me? Read it here : http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Fabio_Cannavaro

Oh, just to slightly nudge me back to reality, my bf just told me he's already married with child(ren); darn! And I just learnt that he has 2 sons and a daughter (how sweet!) * Picture taken around year 2004, taken from perso.wanadoo.fr/enfantsdestars/photos04.htm *

But anyway, infatuation and obsession doesn't necessarily mean we will pursue them and want to realise them - they will always be something we have intense interest in, but it's not something I would go about and pursue. Heck, I have many obsessions - from PowerPuff Girls, Pucca, to Aaron Kwok, Yutaka Takenouchi, Mika Hakkinen and now Fabio Cannavaro. Take Aaron Kwok for example, I grew fond of him ever since I was in primary school until this date - how many years was that? 10+ years! (No, you don't get to calculate how old I am now :) I know my bf would probably not feel very good about my latest obsession but he should know better how unreal all these are and how real of a person I am. It's just like guy's infatuation with hot chicks with great, sexy figure, I'm sure guys have their own 'fantasy' women in their head as well, and I'm totally OK with that (a big fat lie).

Well, as of now, I am indeed obsessed with Cannavaro - let's see how long that will last, ha! (so honey, don't take it too serious ok? You're still my man, muacks! :)

Funniest thing is, one day when I went ga-ga over Cannavaro upon seeing the cover page of Time (which I ended up buying btw), he finally gave a comment :

"I don't understand why you're so crazy over a 'lao-chek' (old uncle)"

Me : "How old are you again my dear? Just a few years younger than he is"

............... and he gave me that cheeky grin again :)

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And you think those pics are hot? Wait til you see this!

I found it by doing a Google on him and thought I was gonna faint there and then when I saw this bod - and Yes, I knew the pic was taken quite some time ago, but still, what a bod!)

And what did I tell you about his sexy butt huh?

Hey don't condemn me, can't you see that it's just a very artistic impression of Fabio's sexy body?

I think all of us should've shots like these while we're in top form (I wonder when that's gonna be *eyes rolled*) so we can look back fondly at our figure when we grow old... admiring it...


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The rumours are true - he's heading to Real Madrid, joining the other popular players like Ronaldo & Beckham, hopefully he'll continue to live up to his reputation of being one of the top defenders in the world and among the top players in World Cup, all the best! [Article from The Star, 18th July 2006]

World Cup Champion Italy !!!!!!!! GO Azzurri !

Aren't those great pics?

ITALY just snatched a glorious win over the one Cup that everybody has been vying for the past month - the golden World Cup. What a win over France that was - played to the full 120 mins including extra time and then the penalty shoot-out with a scoring of Italy's perfect 5 against France's 3. I have always been a huge fan of team Italy ever since I watched World up in 1994 (I was still in early secondary school back then) due to the generous amount of hot guys in the team :D, but also because I've always believed in their capabilities and skills as well. Too bad they did not have good results in World Cup 1998 and 2002, but 2006 proved to be a totally different ball game for the Italians and I cheered for them all the way from quarter finals until yesterday and they have done it!!!!!!

Whenever I asked people ever since the beginning of World Cup season from June 9th, that who they think will win the cup this year, the answer will forever fall between the likes of Brazil, Argentina, Germany, France or Portugal. I was a bit setback by the fact that nobody would say 'Italy!' affirmatively at all. But still, I had faith in Italy and somehow felt confident that they will go very far this time around.

My dad was even more 'psychic' - even before the quarter finals came, he was already telling me all these things 'everybody thinks Brazil or Germany the host or France will wint he Cup, but I see the way Italy plays it - they might even bloody win the Cup and upset everybody - supporters and all the bookies around the world, when nobody expects to even see them into the finals. And how right he was :) and how much I hoped it will be the fact as well.

When I saw how Portugal played against England with Ronaldo's flaring episode causing Rooney out of the game, I had hoped for France to win against Portugal to step into the finals and going against Italy, and my request was fulfilled. I could still remember setting alarm clock for 3am in the morning to watch Italy's semi-finals match against Germany, and though having confidence in Italy, it was Germany's home ground and that might make a huge difference - but Italy proved they are stronger than the home crowd and marched into the Finals with 2 goals.

Coming into the finals with France, my take on the game was that it's anybody's game - Italians with strong defense and young players vs. France's strong striker Zidane and more 'matured' players; with France winning Italy in Euro Cup; but my dad said the Dog Year (this year) will be Italy's year and they will win the Cup - it's a Feng Shui thingy; so there was nothing we could do but to wait anxiously for the showdown.

Highlights of the game
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ *

A goal scored from France with a free kick on the 7th minute of the game, slightly dampening Italy supporters' spirit, dreading the fact that history might repeat itself from Italy's defeat to France in Euro Cup.

Italy's not gonna let France go with that goal and scored an equaliser goal with a corner kick on the 19th minute, tallying the score with France. You Go Italy!

I forgot whether was it 2nd half of the game or during the first period of extra time, France's Zidane nearly scored a goal but was viciously saved by the towering Gianluigi Buffon - dubbed as the World-Class goalkeeper and indeed he kept up to its name - even winning the coveted Lev Yashin Award, given to the best goalkeeper at the FIFA World Cup finals. Such a gracious save that was - and clearly Buffon was indeed proud of that save for the team, leaving Zidane very frustrated as to how that goal didn't manage to get through.

The 1-1 scoreline never budged from the 90 minutes hence the game extended into extra time, with both teams having a go at one another ever more competitively; unfortunately France's Henry was substituted along the way; and then came the drama of the World Cup Finals shortly after the 2nd paeriod of extra time started - Zinedine Zidane used a headshot and pounded against Materazzi's chest, after a light hug from the latter, where Zidane actually walked away but all of a sudden decided to head butt Materrazi! It was a shock to the whole world where we watched in horror how this possibly could have happened - nobody could justify for Zidane's foul and compulsive behaviour - and how he could jeopardize a glorious retirement to his peak performing professional career - it was inexcusable, under whatever grounds it may be. Nobody knew what was actually in Zidane's head to allow that to happen.

The worst thing was, the main referee Horacio Elizondo didn't see the episode unfold at all, it was Buffon and some other Italian players that urged for him to come by as Materazzi was literally knocked off pretty badly with Zidane's chest hit, I was very very concerned as it looked as though Zidane would have gotten away with what he did if the referee didn't see it, but after strong insistence from the Italians, Elizondo went over and consulted the referee on the side line and had a positive verification, he immediately drew out a red card from his back pocket and headed towards Zidane - sending him off to a walk of shame, with Zidane ironically walking past the Cup on his way retreating inside. Another France player (I forgot who he was) could've argued with Elizondo's decision and he too, was handed a yellow card on the spot.

I could guess that the stadium in Berlin must've been loaded with majority of France supporters more than Italy as the former literally cheered whenever the ball was with France and immediately boo-ed whenever Italians took over the ball. It was such a disgrace but I guess it's the number game playing - and all the more reasons and determination for the Italians to win the Cup!

After such a hoo-ha, the game went on with the score line still at 1-1 after the extra time and then came the moment of truth - penalty shoot-out. The Italians were never fond of penalty shoot-outs but had to do it - I was very very concerned on this and really wanted Italy to win this one - each of Italy's shot has been perfectly executed and I cheered so loudly for their every goal! And was even more ecstated when France missed their 2nd shot! This is the opportunity for Italians and they must not miss any shots and indeed, they never let all their supporters down on their 3rd goal but France never gave up and rebounded with their 3rd shot, scoring their 2nd goal. Italy's 4th and determinant shot came and if they get this one, the Cup is theirs! Fabio Grosso, the young defender was the shooter for Italy's last shot and casually, in the ball went, into France's net! The Italians went crazy as their fight was finally over and they have emerged as the World's Best, after long, gruelling matches and drama, I actually had tears rolling in my eyes as I could still vividly recall how disappointing it was back in the year 2000 where Italy lost to France. But they did it this time around - and the FIFA World Cup golden trophy has been earned rightfully by the Italians.

I'm proud of you team Italy! And I'm sure proud to be your supporter.

~ * ~ *
The Cup that has been causing all the hoo hah for the past month

The Stadium where the final show down will determine who takes away that Cup

The special Golden Ball - only used in the final game

The line-up of Italy - these are the men who will be fighting til the very last minute

The 1-1 scoreline kick-starting the Extra Time

Zidane's controversial Red Card at the 19th minute of ET

Zidane's walk of shame, ironically past the World Cup trophy itself

France misses it's 2nd penalty shoot-out!!

Italy team hung onto one another as they watch each shoot-out...

The moment of truth - Fabio Grosso ready to deliver the determinant last penalty shoot-out...

............ And a WINNING kick it is!!!

What a contrast between Italy's rejoice and jubilant vs. France's great disappointment and grief

The Stadium immediately lits up with colourful fireworks for the birth of World Cup 2006's winner Italy!

Official announcement : FIFA World Cup Germany 2006 Winner - ITALY!

Let's give the Cup an Italian hat shall we?

World-Class Goal Keeper Gianlugi Buffon - for Italy
* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~ * ~* ~ * ~
Deservingly, Italy goal keeper clinches the coveted Lev Yashin award as a recognition for his outstanding performances, contributing to Italy's World Cup win, marvellous job, Buffon!

p/s : article above & crystal clear pics all from fifaworldcup.com, the amateur ones were taken by myself during the live broadcast