Thursday, October 19, 2006

Jade Phoenix taking time off for studies and work (urgh)

My blog will be a tad bit lonely from now till end of December 2006 - *awwwwwwwwwww*


I'm feeling sad that I don't get to update it as I enjoyed whenever I felt like it, coz my thesis write-up project will be due on the 8th of December soon, and afterwhich I will need to focus to close whatever freaking commitments I've made at work (most of them IN-voluntarily) to get them over and done with as a closing for year 2006 (aiming for a FAT pay rise).

Feeling pretty stressed lately - I hope I won't have to go through the entire ordeal like I went through in year 2004 when I was struggling to get an assignment done, and in doing so, ended up lapsing my entire night's sleeping time, then rushed to go for a holiday, and the consequence of the whole thing is :- causing my biological functions breaking down and "not performing as intended". Had a rough time figuring what went wrong and finally the doctor clarified that stress is a major contributor to our biological well-being and it will cause havoc if we are over-stressed. I'm definitely aware of that but could NEVER IN MY LIFE figure out it can cause Such a break down. In case you're wondering, I'm saving the details coz this is women-specific breakdown so men won't be able to comprehend the emotional stress when the breakdown occurs.

Anyhow, the Problem has since been fixed with doctor's precription and I have since told myself never to let stress get into me too much ever again (which is always easier said than done).

So i'll miss you guys! And I'll definitely miss blogging for a while but fear not! I've got plenty of stuff lining up to share with everyone (most of them food stuff) so come back in January and I promise you won't be disappointed! See ya!