Friday, July 10, 2009

MAC Hello Kitty limited edition... Models

This is a rather backdated post when MAC had their event at Gurney Plaza for their Hello Kitty limited edition range

They had 2 pretty interesting models dressed up in baby doll and catsuit

There were many *male* photographers and non-photographers alike hovering around these models and I happen to be one of the few rare female trying to photograph them as well :P

The baby doll model was obviously the prettier one but most guys shot more of the catsuit model (read : skin-tight suit + ultra low cut front)

There were loadssss of Hello Kitty balloons there as well but I was too shy to ask for one, hehe!

Stupid error

Don't know what error this is, all I know is it's pretty annoying.

It always happens like this :

I Ctrl + Alt + Del my system - go for my breakky / loo break / lunch break - come back, Ctrl +Alt + Del - tada! It welcomes me back as if telling me 'sorry, no entry' and I get into the viscious cycle of 'OK' then back to Crtl-Alt-Del prompt

What's wortst - the first time I got this error was just merely after 2+ months (or even less) of getting my brand new E6400 work laptop

Called up Help Desk

"Can you restart?"

"I can only force it to shutdown then turn it back on, but that's not the point - I have many processes going on prior"

"Ok, but currently there is no other choice but to restart"

"So what happened? What caused that error?"

"<speaks in a gebrish-like language along the lines of 'ad hoc technical fault'>"

"So what do I do if it unfortunately happens again?"

"Then you will need to restart - actually, there are some users who totally could not restart their system at all"

(at this point, I'm not sure if I'm expected to express a sigh of relief knowing that my restart worked?)

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .


Tuesday, July 07, 2009

Just us.. and the sea breeze

A quiet drinking session

with a good company,
at a cosy beach front,

enjoying nice sea breeze,

witnessed silent red fireworks.

What better way to spend a Friday night?

KL Fashion Week

KW was pretty delighted when he found out about KL Fashion Week back in April as it seems that all shopping malls have their very own catwalk stages set up with strings of fashion shows to feast our eyes :)

During my trip there, I witnessed 2 fashion shows but the one that caught my attention was at MidValley Megamall.

The stage, though in shades of sandy white, had really simple lines yet sophisticated and chic, and the whole set up looked grand. The natural sunlight dawning from the rooftop gave the finishing stylish touch to it!

Monday, July 06, 2009

Nautilus Bay Jelutong Promenade

Just when every other Penangite (or non-Penangites) thought that only Gurney Drive can qualify as THE promenade of Penang, we were delighted to discover yet another one off Jelutong Expressway - dubbed as Nautilus Bay Jelutong Promenade

Some brief introduction extracted from the site above:-

Nautilus Bay Jelutong Promenade is a new 3.6 km long promenade developed by Jelutong Development, a subsidiary of IJM Properties. This seafront park provides an alternative spot of people to stroll while enjoying the beautiful scenery of the skyline as well as Penang Bridge and harbour.

The Nautilus Bay promenade features a 10-meter walkway beautified with several modern-art sculptures. The most iconic is called "A Celebration of Our Blue Sky", a set of four 25-meter tall pillars soaring vertically into the sky.

"There stand four tall posts,
but you see only two of them
sometimes three and sometimes all four...
depending on where you stand.

You come to see these posts...
which symbolize nature...
that is continuously changing.

The colour of the posts is blue symbolizing the sky... true!...
but watching the sky at sunset or,
at night you'll give up this cliche...
that the sky is always blue.

The blue in this work of mine symbolizes...
man's desire to return to nature."

This sculpture is the work of Hitori Nakayama, a Japanese artist who has been residing in Penang for the past twenty years.

Another sculpture, "Rhythm of Life", depicts music notes.

"The musical note reflects rhythm;
When the rhythym of a song is right...
all things fall in place -
it is easy on the ear as it is harmonious.

When it is a happy song, the feeling is happy and pleasant.

This sculpture interprets life as a beautiful rhythm.
The sculpture- a simple note rising high...
with bright vibrant colours -
reflects the basic element of a life synchronized.

Like the vibrantly coloured musical note elevated high,
when life is in sync - it is easy and happy.

In short, it strives to echo the age old truth...
that when you have rhythm of life...
life is easy, happy and often colourful. "

This sculpture is the work of a local artist named Heng Eow Lin.

Nautilus Bay is actually the name of IJM's 3-storey courtyard homes project right where the promenade is

My Wedding Heels

I actually bought a pair of pearl white wedding heels early this year but was really hooked when I saw this gorgeous pair at Robinsons (The Gardens MidValley)

It's in shade of silver, really glittery (but not too much) and it looks so elegant.

According to the salesperson, the brand name Charlotte can only be found in Robinsons within the whole of Malaysia (not sure how true is that) and though it is a Malaysian brand, it can only be found in Singapore

I wore my initially-bought pearl white heels during our wedding photo shoot and this dazzling pair is still very much well-stored under the protected covers of its box, and will only be unveiled on my Big Day! :D

Sunday, July 05, 2009

My Prada purse

Back in April, KW said he'll buy me a new purse as an early birthday present since the one I had was pretty much worn out and slightly discolored, and I've been using it for many years now.

Thank you honey for your thoughtfulness and such a nice birthday pressie *muaackkks!*

When I was in KL back in April, we went purse-shopping at Pavilion, and it was my first time entering boutiques the likes of Coach, Gucci, Burberry, Prada, Burberry, Bvlgari, Versace, Chopard, Hermes Finally, after much comparison,

I finally settled down for a Prada in a pink shade as I felt it to be unique and striking.

Prada's women's wallets are all made with exact layout with difference in the material used to make the wallet itself.

We were at first fascinated with the softness of a sheep's skin wallet and were determined to bag that one - until we found a defect on the lining. Unfortunately that was the only stock in the outlet and another one in KLCC but later we were informed by the gentleman that, though sheep skin is softer but durability-wise, treated leather range will be a better choice as sheep skin will cripple in time

So that was how I ended up with this pink Saffiano leather wallet :D

My version in white (under Categories > Women's Wallets > 4th from right most)

What's this? Apparently it's the holder for the receipt

And I'm just known as a 'Generic Customer' (what to do first-timer what)