Friday, March 30, 2007

Kimchi Korean Restaurant ~ Mmmm... Tasty ~

Had a really Korean-crazy night shift supervisor named SE around my office and she's sooooo into Korean food and Korea and everything Korean.. and dunno why or how, we talked about Korean restaurants in Penang and she had one in mind that she highly recommended. Hence we decided to go there and sample it ourselves! Of course she's been there a gazillion times but not me, so I asked all the others in my team but they were either not interested or not free, so in the end my team lead Andy, SE, me and another supervisor Steven went for dinner one fine night (you might've guessed that it's not long after we brought up the name of this restaurant!)

So after work, me and Andy rushed to the place called "Kimchi" (how aptly named) near Tanjung Bungah, settled down and had SE took care of our stomach for the night.

Here's the interior:-
Andy's face blocked out to protect his privacy whhahaha...
SE doing the ordering like a pro as she is....
Side dishes...
The veggies to go with the BBQ meat that we're gonna have later on...
The stove - heated up
We urged SE to be our professional cook for the night, and she gladly started off by layering the stove with the onion provided - claiming that it gives extra flavour to the meat that we're gonna barbeque.... hmmm...
And in goes the pork!
Then the Tofu Kimchi soup came....
We were served rice as well..
This is "Chao Nien Kao" - a stir-fried dish....
After cooking pork, we had chicken as well....
together with some oil so it won't burn easily....
Then the beef pan-plate came... everyone dugged into this one :)
With the Stone Rice came shortly after as well... with SE mixing up the rice with some chilli evenly....
And to top everything off, we ordered another serving of the vegetables as we had so much meat to combine with....

And they served us dessert after our filling and long meal... which, according to SE, is made of processed and drained rice (?)
And the VERDICT is..............................

Side dishes : Very nice.. they had a combination of Korean typical side dishes, but added with localised varieties like LaLa, etc.

Stone Rice : Absolutely nice... I've never been a fan of Stone Rice as they tend to overcook especially the rice at the bottom of the stone bowl but this doesn't catch that at all.. maybe coz SE was such a good cook!

Chao Nien Kao : The taste was very unique and full of flavour, with nice textures on the Nien Kao themselves - but not my fancy :)

Beef pan-plate : This is so well marinated that I couldn't have enough of it! Marvelous!!!

Pork & Chicken meat: These were nice BBQ as well... the tastes were not overly powering, nice..........
Kimchi Tofu soup : The soup is really the BEST kimchi tofu soup I had in Penang so far.... the soup base is just so tasty and hasn't got this weird smell when I tried at other Korean restaurants... Must Have!

All in all, the bill came up to about RM 170+ .... which is about RM 40+ per person, and to me, that's not bad of a deal, considering we had 2 types of BBQ meat, 1 meat pan plate, 3 other dishes and all the side dishes with rice and free dessert! Not to mention that I spent RM 60 for just 3 dishes at Seoul Garden last time? And most importantly, all the food are nice!!
I highly recommend this place - it's right opposite Copthorne Hotel - just by the main road, check it out!!!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

X'mas cube Deco - fun fun!

Hmmm.... the post on CNY cubicle decoration reminded me of................. our 2nd prize win for X'mas cubicle decoration as well! :) I think the prize was TGIF vouchers... forgot the value of it... but that's beside the point, the point is our deco ROCKED!

While I did not contribute to anything on this at all, due to me being off shift when our team actually kicked off the decoration works, but I do have to salute them for cooking this up in like 1 day+? Coz initially we decided to call off our plan to join the cubicle decoration contest but don't how why or how, they ended up so pumped up and worked on it til 1am at night after work! *BOW BOW*

The concept was to create a feeling of celebrating X'Mas all over the world, hence they utilised Origami for all the different iconic representations of the places around the "world", and the shrunken origami pieces took a lot of effort to fold and make them pretty as well...

This is how the overview of our decoration looked like, it really does have an X'massy feel to it, doesn't it?Close up of the choo choo train (we were previously known as DS/FP team):-The main centre area:-Panning from left to right ...

Rome and Greece...Paris...USA and Egypt....

finally Malaysia! They basically placed whatever rubbish... uhm...... I mean figurines that they can lay their hands on... hence the reason why there are many 'weird' pieces sighted along the way, like a camel (?) for instance, hot wheels cars, mini teddy bear, paper planes, mini Shin Chan ~~~~ haha!!!!

Winner of CNY Cubicle Deco competition

Alright, so I know I'm a bit late in posting this up, considering that CNY is waaaaaaaaaay over for more than 1 month now, but I do love our team's *ahem!* WINNING cubicle decoration, just to share with you guys as I was, the "Creative Director" for our team's entry :D

Our concept was to build a Great Wall of China type feel hence we built mini fortress-like walls adorning the surroundings our team's cubicle areas, with mini flags enhancing the Great Wall feel, even with 2 dragons in the main centre as well :)
Also, we decorated the main centre space with our team's name built like a traditional Chinese sign board with a Chinese wooden main door below it, 2 rows of CNY auspiscious greetings on both sides as well.
It turned out to be a bit boring-looking in the beginning and we rescued it by adding some ang-pow made 'lanterns' to it!
See how different it immediately becomes:-
The main sign board was a bit plain as well so we added some firecrackers to it as well:-
Note that I have blocked out the blue area in the middle of the flag on the main centre of the great wall coz it's our company's name, and I'm not here to promote who I work for anyway :)
Check out the home-made paper dragons! :D
That's the prize-giving announcement/ceremony where we emerged as the winner! ASD Plan & Deliver team! wooo hoooo!And if you think we did this for nothing? Then you are so wrong man... coz the winner getsssssss.... an RM 150 Haagen-Dazs voucher! Slurp! The week approaching CNY, our office had a CNY goodies give-away as well, with CNY songs blasting through a laptop on the side as well (notice the female 'assistant') :-

My new digicam - Olympus FE-230

Hey hey hey! Look what I've got! After more than 1 year of digicam-less days, my sweet bf finally bought me a new digicam! *excited! excited!* Saw the Olympus promotion counter set up right opposite PDI at Gurney Plaza during a weekend and this really value-for-money 7.1 Mega Pixel camera..... Olympus FE-230, did I mention it's a new model too?

Actually the promotion price bundles a 512 MB XD memory card with the camera (without camera casing though), and my bf, being the true Penangite that he is, bargained further with the counter dude - his argument was that everywhere, everybody's selling at this price - so it depends on what free gifts or extra bundles can they offer? After consulting a senior (a lady, mind you), the dude finally offered a free 1 GB XD memory card with the same price *WIDE EYES* wooooo hoooooo~~! You go dear! He wanted to go further to talk the dude into giving us free camera casing but I guess we shall not push our luck too far, heh heh... and so we settled for a nice solid casing for RM29 (ok lah)

2.5" LCD screen
Image Stabilization
3 X Optical Zoom
*** The camera's much more compact and slim compared to how it looks in the pics ****

Now, time to check it out!
And how much did you think this baby cost?

RM 899 only! (Hey that's freaking value for money for a camera with all those specs ok!!!)

Gifts! Gifts!

Gifts galore!!

Bought some pressies over the last month, showdown time:-

Ling's birthday present - a cute piggy photo album (under the nice wrapping of cos) - perfect for her! :)
Honey's V-Day gift - a Guess watch that he absolutely adored:-Bought these funky stationeries for dear Catherine but still haven't found the time to mail it to her *bad bad*