Friday, December 23, 2005

X'mas Mood Anyone?

X'mas is just around the corner.

But lots have taken place for the past week. I just lost a friendship, because of words that shouldn't be spoken.

Anyhow, me and my bf will be exchanging Chirstmas presents this year, just like we did last year. I forgot what I gave him last year but the clay rooster sitting on my white desk is exactly 1 year old now as of today. Talk about meaningful Christmas present. He claims it's cute.. fat and all. No comments to that though :S

Anyway, I'm a bit dry on cash so after reading Karen's Blog her X'mas cards gave me inspiration. I've made something for my bf and hope he'll like it. I hurt his feelings today so I hope I can still make it up to him tomorrow, by melting his heart!

Sneaky peek! Shhhh... it's supposed to be a surprise....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Weird People

Came back from lunch this afternoon, colleague parked her car on multistorey carpark at 6th floor as usual.

Saw 2 people - a man and a lady stepping out from their car with the plate "MAA xxxx", gathering some of their cases and documents.

I pressed on the lift "^" (our office is on the 12th floor), suddenly my colleague said she forgot her sunspecs *ai mei* (always wanna be pretty) so she dashed back to her car to get it.

Meanwhile, the lady we saw earlier came with 2 fairly huge document cases (looked like they're about to explode anytime soon), and so I held the lift with one hand (actually I was just waiting for my colleague), the lady spoke:

"Wait for Mr. Chong, he's coming soon".

I didn't reply her. I guess they must be some hot shot of MAA or something (judging from their car number plate) Did I mention before that our building is called MAA Tower?

Anyhow I waited, not for Mr. Chong (whoever that may be), I was waiting for Dorene, mind you. Dorene came and just when she was entering the lift I still held on to the door and reiterated what the lady said "Wait for Mr. Chong, he's coming soon".

So while waiting (thinking what on earth are we doing waiting for this guy?), I asked the lady "Which Floor?" and she spoke in language that sounded like alien language to me "xxx division, xxxxx, Ms. Tan". I went like "HUH?????????" (in my mind) totally clueless.

Dorene finally spoke up "You wanna go to MAA office is it?"
Lady : "Yes"
Dorene: "So it should be... i think... 8th floor"
Lady : "I'm not sure also... Ms. Tan there.."
Dorene: "Actually the whole building is not MAA only, there are other offices one"
Lady: "Oh is it? Then I think I'll wait up for Mr. Chong first..."

................. And off she went out.

We both thought to ourselves : How can people just simply assume that everyone is working FOR them? Based on nothing at all? Although the damn building is belonging to the company, eventhough YOU are the CEO of the company, doesn't mean every Tom Dick and Harry who happens to appear in the building are all under you and they're expected to know everything about your company as well as looking highly up to you? I just find it very interesting that there ARE such people who simply take things for granted, Just like that.

Come on......... Grow up!

* Applaude to Dorene for telling her the fact * = clap clap clap clap clap clap =

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've been trying to put in my post on the previous 3 little cute tins of Winnie the Pooh cookies and I've tried so hard to include a link to my previous post and it failed miserably, even after I've referenced so many websites and looked at their source codes.

That's not so irritating afterall, isn't it? The most irritating part of all is, for some idiotic reasons all my writings and scriblings for this post are all GONE!!!! Even the 12 pictures I've uploaded, taking up like 100 years of my freaking time! Andnow it's permanently gone.. and I have to re-do it all over again???

I'll skip the damn post, it has made me lose my top coz I've been going thru lotsa shit at work lately and my PERIOD is coming - soon!

I still love my PowerPuff Girls though... *angelic grin*

Monday, December 12, 2005

Marathon to be continued.. *yawn*

Sorry folks.. looks like the marathon has to go through half time now.. it's 12am already and I still gotta drag my disgustingly fat body to work tomorrow (my freaking manager won't be back till Thursday and he's already been away since3 days ago, leaving me doing MOST of his work FOR him! #&^%$%%*&#@^@

A bit of run down of what's next! => We've got Pressies (for others, not for me); X'mas trees; Power Puff Girls! (not telling now in what form PpG will appear :) . . . . my silly bf doing something cute (ok ok, I know nobody has the slightest interest in that); the latest add-on to my limited collection of necklace; and Part II of Hadyai Winnie the Pooh cookies (my grandma has the results of the ranking - which cookie flavour is the best, 2nd and last)

Marathon part II will be more exciting!!!

I just can't resist..... to post a sneaky sneak preview:


My friend is officially a boss now

The very same day I cut a foot and a finger, my friend has officially become a boss - he's now a proud co-owner of a cafe called T-Jay, located at upper Penang Road. His gf helped in developing a nice Power Point presentation and distributed it to everyone she knew, with many people receiving the file and getting a pokey nose on this new cafe in town as well.

Just a peek at one of the most crucial slide of all:-

There's a last slide capturing the front view of the cafe - a nice shot too but unfortunately me don't have any decent photo-editting software other than MS Paint so I didn't wanna put up a poor quality image here.

I had Hawaiian Grilled Chicken set lunch in the afternoon and Seafood Cheese Baked Rice for my dinner (all in the same day!) Too bad we were in a rush during lunch time due to the time spent searching for a car park then waiting for each of the components of the set to arrive, hence I didn't take any pics on my meal :(

But at night I got a little smarter and snapped a pic on my Seafood cheese baked rice and then my Float (The float doesn't look quite delicious from the pic though:

The food are quite nice & reasonably priced - a bit too generous in portion but still comes recommended from MUA :) Coz you know why? The chef has years of experience in Equatorial Hotel and then Genting's main kitchen as well - how 'keng' (unbeatable) is that?

Plans are already underway to hold our annual X'mas gathering among our frens at this place so if I haven't got any plans for X'mas eve, will definitely try to snap more pics of the food while trying not to look like a siao lang (psycho) ...

Actual application of Chicken Little Bad Aid

December 1st is definitely NOT my day - first I accidentally tipped a coffee cup and it fell on the floor with one of its pieces making a slight cut on my right foot; then I came back to my office, to have another paper cut on my right hand's 4th finger. That moment, I was really scared of something BIG might happen :S

I used the normal bandaid in my handbag first to protect the wound while I just washed off the blood oozing out from my finger. After I got home, I changed the band aid on my foot with the Fishy Chicken Little band aid (I never expected to be using the band aids so soon)

But honestly, the band aid IS really water proof as it claims coz nothing got seeped through to my wound even after I showered for like 15 minutes or so, and its transparent outlook makes the cartoon stand out even more - it's so cute!!! - but expensive too :)

Year End Marathon Blog Update!

Been procrastinating my blog update for as long as I can remember so let's beat the bush (pshk! pshk! - beating the bush sound effect) and get on with the blog!

First up - me and my beloved bf had a wonderful escapade (28-29th Nov) but it was a bit disappointing on the hotel's drop in standards *sigh* for one, the cleanliness of the room is highly doubtful as we encountered a mini cockroach around the living area near the mini bar while having Jenni's blueberry cheesecake we opted to take away.

The water at the pool was ice cold (can't blame 'em coz it was raining for the whole week) and the day when we checked in was quite a nice sunny day, it didn't help much even after we swam and swam non-stop coz the second we stop, the chillness comes right back hitting our body. That was how we ended up cutting short our swim and headed up to our room for shower then a warm jacuzzi instead (the water we prepared for the jacuzzi is not hot enough even when we ONLY turned on the hot water tap and no cold water argh!!!)

But, the bathroom where the jacuzzi is located leaks (or whatever that causes the leak) brought about inconvenience after we enjoyed our jacuzzi session just to realise that our whole bathroom / wardrobe area is being flooded! OH NO!!!!! We became instant house-keepers, wiping the water while at the same time using our feet to 'sweep' the water down the damn hole on the floor.

At night, we literally reserved the entire Casablanca Restaurant all to ourselves coz when we arrived, there was only 1 couple dining and after a while when they left, there's only the 2 of us! How cool is that? For RM80 we can "BAO" the whole restaurant already :D, but I guess Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine is not really my league, I still prefer stuff that Dome, Salsa, 68 Kelawei and Secret Recipe has to offer, not to mention Hong Kong cuisines that Wong Kok and Ice Ice Baby provides as well! (More on Ice Ice Baby later)

At night, after having half of the blueberry cheesecake, my bf decided our night was a bit to bland to just spend in the room so we went and joined his frens at Mambo. It wasn't as lau juak (exciting) as it was the last time around with more frens, more of them getting drunk and high so everybody just about sat around our table the whole nite, so we retreated to our little hotel room quite early and had a little kinky fun with role playing.. although i've regretted it a bit coz he was soooo into his role that he ignored my genuine plead, thinking that i'm just playing my role *duh~*

So we ended up getting up quite late the next day, took our showers together before packing our stuff and headed to our Chicken Rice at Goh Thiew Chiek Chulia St. Good chicken rice! 2 thumbs up! After that we went back to our place, rested a while and then headed to Red Box for a long awaited karaoke session - but I guess both of us were a bit worn out so we were definitely NOT at our best in vocals and singing :)

All in all, it was a nice getaway that we both could use of, but just a bit disappointed on the hotel coz the standard has definitely dropped tremendously - such a shame coz the hotel is one which I personally am quite fond of. Oh well, guess it's time to search and try a new hotel then :) E&O maybe? haha.... Too bad I don't grow money on trees though....