Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dream Cast Getaway - Weekend Escapade

Funny-looking title eh? I'm so very excited for this coming weekend's line-up! I've planned a very nice escapade for me and my bf to a nice hotel where we can spend time for both of us quietly.. as his birthday is coming soon! I've planned this ever since 2 months ago and really looking forward to it!

But since he reads my blog (not frequently coz maybe because I'm a bit slack in updating it anyway :) so I'm not gonna reveal what I've secretly D.I.Y.-ed for him. Though I must admit that it's not something fabulous but I really hope he'll appreciate it coz anyhow I made it myself with my creativity and ideas, not forgetting the effort but I'm happy doing it for him :D

Just this morning the lady from Gurney Hotel came, just as how she comes and pays me a visit every month to give me updates on the F&B promotions as well as room rate promotions (if any) and I saw that the Fusion Restaurant is offering "Contemporary Japanese and BBQ & Simply Jazzy" themed buffet on Saturdays. I thought I'd bring my bf there for our special pre-birthday dinner since it says the price per pax is inclusive of unlimited serving of house wine, beer, etc. (And getting high is GOOD esp. during an escapade like this, heh heh) And what's more, I do actually hold a Dining Privilege Card courtesty of the lady when she paid her first visit to me, the card entitles me to 20% discount of my first 3 visits, 25% on 4th and 5th visits; 30% for 8th and 9th; with 40% discount on the 10th visit. But I haven't used any of the discounts to this date and it's donne expire next month.

On the other hand, I've actually made a table reservation at Casablanca coz it's a nice, cosy and romantic restaurant to dine in, especially at night. The food is Mediterranean and I thought I'd give my bf a relaxing dinner, since I don't have enough budget to allow us to party out at the clubs so I thought I'd go for the opposite - a relaxing and soothing escapade instead. He's been working hard and constantly feeling tired and I just wanna pamper him :)

I'm sounding so hopelessly faked-noble so I better stop, haha. Things have been going very well for both of us and I really would like this harmoniuos and positive CHI to be around us always.. coz it feels so sweet..

Just earlier tonight he was laughing at me on how naughty I was the other night on the phone that I forgot to update him what my colleague bought for me from her trip to Hadyai, and I couldn't stop laughing coz I was really naughty that night; but as I was arguing back that he was the one who initiated it he couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't stop laughing with a blush on my face at the same time.. suddenly the feeling of shyness and intimacy came rushing back and both of us were indeed sharing a very hearty conversation.

It felt good.

(on my heart that is, not somewhere else that you might be thinking about ;)

Monday, November 21, 2005

More cartoon stuff courtesy of Dorene!

The very same colleague who's famous for shopping has done it again - during her 5-day annual leave stint, she managed to take a break with her family to Ipoh and then went off with her group of 9 friends to Hatyai, bringing back this as a 'sau soun' (Cantonese meaning some sort of souvenir) for me!!!

It's a pack-of-3 cookies set of the famous Winnie the Pooh and friends. The container jars are really cute and they're embossed with the cartoon character designs and not just smooth and flat out; making the cartoon characters actually "stand out". It comes in 3 cookie flavours:-

Chocolate Chip Cookies; Mocca (Mocha to be exact) Chocolate Chip Cookies and Strawberry Flavour Fruit Cookies.

I actually took individual photos of the 3 characters but the one I took of the whole view of the 3 is far more nicer than the ones I took individually (that says a lot about my photography skills *grin*) This is actually the view from top:-

The front view

And last but not least, the back view:-

I couldn't bring myself to tear the outer packaging layer off as yet so I didn't manage to take pics of the content within each of the container jars, and haven't sampled the cookies as yet; but will do so very soon so keep checking out my blog yeah!

Chicken Little band aid??

My colleague is famous for her lunch-time shopping and it was no exception during one fine afternoon, where she was cooed by her sister (also same 'kaki' as her) to get one of the Chicken Little band aids (RM 5.50) on Watson's shelf.

Being as kiasu as the sisters were, both of them bought one pack each, in hope that the designs would be differrent therein, albeit the variation on the outer box designs. Well.... they were wrong. (The box designers must've been ecstatic knowing that so many of these 'aunties' can be fooled so easily into buying 2 boxes at one go) :D

And so my colleague was so proud that she couldn't wait to show me when she came back to the office and said "lemme show you something that you'll definitely want to own!" and I went "Awwww........ so cuuttteeeeeeee!!!!" when she pulled her magic band aid box out! She pulled out the strip of band aid revealing an outline of the different cartoon characters in Chicken Little and I've never seen such cute band aids in my life. I even condemned her for not getting a box for me, but couldn't really blame her coz how would she know if I would want it for sure?

After a while she decided to give up the packet of band aid by selling it to me coz she couldn't bring herself to use the damn thing end of the day anyway, but I honestly didn't have any coins left in my purse so I can only give her RM 5 or RM 10 so she said "oklah! give you 10% discount la..." and she took the RM 5.. and now i'm the happy owner of this!!!
I didn't really take pictures of the contents but it's exactly what the front design depicts - weird-looking octagonal shaped band aids with the cartoon characters in the middle of it. I gave 2 of them to my beloved bf for him to keep in his wallet - am I a good gf or what? :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sicky Sick Sick

I'm sick. Been having sore throat since Sunday and then marathon cough; and now developed into flu. All in 3 days. WOW.

Wow's definitely not the word. BOO-HOO is.

I hate getting sick, especially it's always Milo 3-in-1 type, i.e. you get all in one go : Flu, Cough, Sore Throat and Fever (that's 4 but max an average person can get is 3 so I call it 3-in-1 Milo syndrome). Anyhow I'm glad I didn't get stuck with fever coz I'm still gonna attend my bf's pal's wedding dinner tomorrow nite.

Not forgetting my shopping trip with my girl frens on Saturday. There's this Bumper thingy by CLEO going on this Saturday at Gurney Plaza and I ain't gonna miss it coz I bought the freaking Nov edition just to get some goodie bags there!

As of now i'm feeling a bit sleepy.. no, no, let me put it this way, I've been feeling a very strong urge to sleep on my comfy bed eversince 10am this morning, after my first dose of medication. I should've taken the freaking MC that the doctor offered. The conversation went like this:-

Doc : Do you need an MC for tomorrow?

Me : (acting noble and all) : Nah I can handle it................. err... will the medication make me sleepy?

Doc : Not if you move around during working hours...

Me : Ok then no need lah since I haven't got much to do in the office anyway

I think nobody in their right mind will turn down a doctor-offered-MC, unless they're really dedicated to their work or they've got tight deadlines to meet.

Actually there are 2 reasons behind my "rejection" to the MC.

1 is because the last time I visited this doctor I requested for an MC (I was also sick that time but maybe not on the serious side) and I said something along the lines of "If you're giving me then I take loh" but he shot me back saying "So you want an MC or not?" and I said yes. (or no........ ahhhh... I can't really recall) I don't want to come across to people as if I wanna use some excuse just to get an MC from the doctor, then not having to go to work.

2 is because my mom is back and if I take MC for today means my condition is still not looking good and I wanted to attend the wedding dinner tomorrow nite, I'm concerned if she's not gonna let me go, saying that if I'm sick and needed an MC means I'm not well enough to be out and about yet.

So here I am, working my ass in the office and it's 5:30pm now! Yoo hooo! 30 more minutes to go.

I gotta get my dress out for ironing coz I'll be wearing it to the dinner tomorrow :)


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Superglued lock hole?

Today was supposed to be a freaking lazy day for work because:

People have started to take annual leaves to enjoy the long weekend (Tuesday was Deepavali holiday, while Thursday & Friday will be Hari Raya) and today is freaking Wed-nes-day, where sane people no longer go to work.

Well who told you I was sane? Well it turns out that this year is NOT last year where 'ben siao jie' (ME) took leaves to head down to KL with my bf for a nice shopping galore; this year I don't have any freaking plans for anything because!!!! I'm very much short of Vitamin M.

So what's the point of taking leaves???? My plan was to actually ENJOY the quietness in the office coz nobody will be turning in for work except for 'ben siao jie'. But people always never seems to fail in spoiling my plan for a quiet day of catching up with my work. I really had all good intentions of clearing off all my workloads in 1 full day.

Arrived at the office building at about 25 minutes to 9am to find 2 of the people from neighbouring office having a bit of discussion at the security office beside the lift, and was told by them that their office doors have been blocked, and even more shocked to learn that our office door had the same fate. I didn't really understood what the girl told me, as in how the doors can be blocked from our access, so 10 minutes later, we all went upstairs coz I wanted to have a look at it myself.

I was shocked when I realised that our keys cannot even be inserted into the key hole at all, and we found traces of whitish fluid, which was later certified to be super glue, running dry below the key hole. DAMN. The key hole has been sealed by damn idiots! A total of 4 offices were affected, and all 4 offices are located at the end most (innermost) portion of the corridor in that particular floor, with the location of the lift as a centrepoint. We really couldn't figure out how this could've happened. Our building's security is considered quite ok considering the fact that they do their rounds on every floor every single hour and still these things happened. The car park has cameras installed, so does every floor's lift area. All staircases are locked at all times, and are only open if there's an emergency.

I was a bit dumbfounded. The building's management office, located right at our floor, is closed (so are 95% of companies and factories) and the initial reaction I got was that they are not very helpful. We didn't know what to do and I couldn't contact my manager coz his phone was off.

My colleague is in Butterworth and so I didn't know what else I can do hence I headed home at 9:30am, after standing here and there for almost an hour. I was pissed coz I had many things to clear in the office and now many idiots are eating up my time.

10:30am came when my manager called to ask and I told him about the findings, where I've also highlighted the incident to the HR Manager in KL. Anyway 11am came when he sms-ed me asking my colleague to turn up at the office (her house is nearer and she's got transport and I don't). Anyhow I knew today was supposed to be my work day and I didn't have any intentions to skip work, so I called him to tell him that I'm ready to go back to work but I've got no transport, so later he came and drove me to the office, where we waited for the locksmith to come; and boy it took around half an hour to crack the freaking super-glued lock!

Finally 1:30pm came when the lock was finally opened, and we went inside and I did my work non-stop, and had to follow up my manager's work as well. I didn't even have time for lunch until I took a break at 3:00pm to have my mee in cup (Japanese stuff - RM 6.30! from Meijiya)

STILL!!! I couldn't finish all the things I've set out to complete for today. WHY? Coz freaking idiots denied me of 4 hours' time!!!! Gawd lately I really really start to hate thieves, vandalists, whatever, coz they never seem to get enough of annoying me. Around this time of last month, my house has been broken into, with most of my valuable stuff stolen from me, and now more idiots come and do idiotic things that will not serve them any benefit at all!!! Why do they ever do this??? I really wonder what the hell are their intentions anyway?

Everything is pissing me off now. I was really thinking to totally go all out and enjoy my 4 days' long weekend with no more backlogs at work, but now I fully realise that I've still got a bunch to do when Monday comes. ARGH!!!

F*** these people who've got nothing else better to do other than making our lives more miserable. -- make this my Quote for the year 2005.