Friday, December 23, 2005

X'mas Mood Anyone?

X'mas is just around the corner.

But lots have taken place for the past week. I just lost a friendship, because of words that shouldn't be spoken.

Anyhow, me and my bf will be exchanging Chirstmas presents this year, just like we did last year. I forgot what I gave him last year but the clay rooster sitting on my white desk is exactly 1 year old now as of today. Talk about meaningful Christmas present. He claims it's cute.. fat and all. No comments to that though :S

Anyway, I'm a bit dry on cash so after reading Karen's Blog her X'mas cards gave me inspiration. I've made something for my bf and hope he'll like it. I hurt his feelings today so I hope I can still make it up to him tomorrow, by melting his heart!

Sneaky peek! Shhhh... it's supposed to be a surprise....

Wednesday, December 14, 2005

Weird People

Came back from lunch this afternoon, colleague parked her car on multistorey carpark at 6th floor as usual.

Saw 2 people - a man and a lady stepping out from their car with the plate "MAA xxxx", gathering some of their cases and documents.

I pressed on the lift "^" (our office is on the 12th floor), suddenly my colleague said she forgot her sunspecs *ai mei* (always wanna be pretty) so she dashed back to her car to get it.

Meanwhile, the lady we saw earlier came with 2 fairly huge document cases (looked like they're about to explode anytime soon), and so I held the lift with one hand (actually I was just waiting for my colleague), the lady spoke:

"Wait for Mr. Chong, he's coming soon".

I didn't reply her. I guess they must be some hot shot of MAA or something (judging from their car number plate) Did I mention before that our building is called MAA Tower?

Anyhow I waited, not for Mr. Chong (whoever that may be), I was waiting for Dorene, mind you. Dorene came and just when she was entering the lift I still held on to the door and reiterated what the lady said "Wait for Mr. Chong, he's coming soon".

So while waiting (thinking what on earth are we doing waiting for this guy?), I asked the lady "Which Floor?" and she spoke in language that sounded like alien language to me "xxx division, xxxxx, Ms. Tan". I went like "HUH?????????" (in my mind) totally clueless.

Dorene finally spoke up "You wanna go to MAA office is it?"
Lady : "Yes"
Dorene: "So it should be... i think... 8th floor"
Lady : "I'm not sure also... Ms. Tan there.."
Dorene: "Actually the whole building is not MAA only, there are other offices one"
Lady: "Oh is it? Then I think I'll wait up for Mr. Chong first..."

................. And off she went out.

We both thought to ourselves : How can people just simply assume that everyone is working FOR them? Based on nothing at all? Although the damn building is belonging to the company, eventhough YOU are the CEO of the company, doesn't mean every Tom Dick and Harry who happens to appear in the building are all under you and they're expected to know everything about your company as well as looking highly up to you? I just find it very interesting that there ARE such people who simply take things for granted, Just like that.

Come on......... Grow up!

* Applaude to Dorene for telling her the fact * = clap clap clap clap clap clap =

Tuesday, December 13, 2005


I've been trying to put in my post on the previous 3 little cute tins of Winnie the Pooh cookies and I've tried so hard to include a link to my previous post and it failed miserably, even after I've referenced so many websites and looked at their source codes.

That's not so irritating afterall, isn't it? The most irritating part of all is, for some idiotic reasons all my writings and scriblings for this post are all GONE!!!! Even the 12 pictures I've uploaded, taking up like 100 years of my freaking time! Andnow it's permanently gone.. and I have to re-do it all over again???

I'll skip the damn post, it has made me lose my top coz I've been going thru lotsa shit at work lately and my PERIOD is coming - soon!

I still love my PowerPuff Girls though... *angelic grin*

Monday, December 12, 2005

Marathon to be continued.. *yawn*

Sorry folks.. looks like the marathon has to go through half time now.. it's 12am already and I still gotta drag my disgustingly fat body to work tomorrow (my freaking manager won't be back till Thursday and he's already been away since3 days ago, leaving me doing MOST of his work FOR him! #&^%$%%*&#@^@

A bit of run down of what's next! => We've got Pressies (for others, not for me); X'mas trees; Power Puff Girls! (not telling now in what form PpG will appear :) . . . . my silly bf doing something cute (ok ok, I know nobody has the slightest interest in that); the latest add-on to my limited collection of necklace; and Part II of Hadyai Winnie the Pooh cookies (my grandma has the results of the ranking - which cookie flavour is the best, 2nd and last)

Marathon part II will be more exciting!!!

I just can't resist..... to post a sneaky sneak preview:


My friend is officially a boss now

The very same day I cut a foot and a finger, my friend has officially become a boss - he's now a proud co-owner of a cafe called T-Jay, located at upper Penang Road. His gf helped in developing a nice Power Point presentation and distributed it to everyone she knew, with many people receiving the file and getting a pokey nose on this new cafe in town as well.

Just a peek at one of the most crucial slide of all:-

There's a last slide capturing the front view of the cafe - a nice shot too but unfortunately me don't have any decent photo-editting software other than MS Paint so I didn't wanna put up a poor quality image here.

I had Hawaiian Grilled Chicken set lunch in the afternoon and Seafood Cheese Baked Rice for my dinner (all in the same day!) Too bad we were in a rush during lunch time due to the time spent searching for a car park then waiting for each of the components of the set to arrive, hence I didn't take any pics on my meal :(

But at night I got a little smarter and snapped a pic on my Seafood cheese baked rice and then my Float (The float doesn't look quite delicious from the pic though:

The food are quite nice & reasonably priced - a bit too generous in portion but still comes recommended from MUA :) Coz you know why? The chef has years of experience in Equatorial Hotel and then Genting's main kitchen as well - how 'keng' (unbeatable) is that?

Plans are already underway to hold our annual X'mas gathering among our frens at this place so if I haven't got any plans for X'mas eve, will definitely try to snap more pics of the food while trying not to look like a siao lang (psycho) ...

Actual application of Chicken Little Bad Aid

December 1st is definitely NOT my day - first I accidentally tipped a coffee cup and it fell on the floor with one of its pieces making a slight cut on my right foot; then I came back to my office, to have another paper cut on my right hand's 4th finger. That moment, I was really scared of something BIG might happen :S

I used the normal bandaid in my handbag first to protect the wound while I just washed off the blood oozing out from my finger. After I got home, I changed the band aid on my foot with the Fishy Chicken Little band aid (I never expected to be using the band aids so soon)

But honestly, the band aid IS really water proof as it claims coz nothing got seeped through to my wound even after I showered for like 15 minutes or so, and its transparent outlook makes the cartoon stand out even more - it's so cute!!! - but expensive too :)

Year End Marathon Blog Update!

Been procrastinating my blog update for as long as I can remember so let's beat the bush (pshk! pshk! - beating the bush sound effect) and get on with the blog!

First up - me and my beloved bf had a wonderful escapade (28-29th Nov) but it was a bit disappointing on the hotel's drop in standards *sigh* for one, the cleanliness of the room is highly doubtful as we encountered a mini cockroach around the living area near the mini bar while having Jenni's blueberry cheesecake we opted to take away.

The water at the pool was ice cold (can't blame 'em coz it was raining for the whole week) and the day when we checked in was quite a nice sunny day, it didn't help much even after we swam and swam non-stop coz the second we stop, the chillness comes right back hitting our body. That was how we ended up cutting short our swim and headed up to our room for shower then a warm jacuzzi instead (the water we prepared for the jacuzzi is not hot enough even when we ONLY turned on the hot water tap and no cold water argh!!!)

But, the bathroom where the jacuzzi is located leaks (or whatever that causes the leak) brought about inconvenience after we enjoyed our jacuzzi session just to realise that our whole bathroom / wardrobe area is being flooded! OH NO!!!!! We became instant house-keepers, wiping the water while at the same time using our feet to 'sweep' the water down the damn hole on the floor.

At night, we literally reserved the entire Casablanca Restaurant all to ourselves coz when we arrived, there was only 1 couple dining and after a while when they left, there's only the 2 of us! How cool is that? For RM80 we can "BAO" the whole restaurant already :D, but I guess Spanish/Mediterranean cuisine is not really my league, I still prefer stuff that Dome, Salsa, 68 Kelawei and Secret Recipe has to offer, not to mention Hong Kong cuisines that Wong Kok and Ice Ice Baby provides as well! (More on Ice Ice Baby later)

At night, after having half of the blueberry cheesecake, my bf decided our night was a bit to bland to just spend in the room so we went and joined his frens at Mambo. It wasn't as lau juak (exciting) as it was the last time around with more frens, more of them getting drunk and high so everybody just about sat around our table the whole nite, so we retreated to our little hotel room quite early and had a little kinky fun with role playing.. although i've regretted it a bit coz he was soooo into his role that he ignored my genuine plead, thinking that i'm just playing my role *duh~*

So we ended up getting up quite late the next day, took our showers together before packing our stuff and headed to our Chicken Rice at Goh Thiew Chiek Chulia St. Good chicken rice! 2 thumbs up! After that we went back to our place, rested a while and then headed to Red Box for a long awaited karaoke session - but I guess both of us were a bit worn out so we were definitely NOT at our best in vocals and singing :)

All in all, it was a nice getaway that we both could use of, but just a bit disappointed on the hotel coz the standard has definitely dropped tremendously - such a shame coz the hotel is one which I personally am quite fond of. Oh well, guess it's time to search and try a new hotel then :) E&O maybe? haha.... Too bad I don't grow money on trees though....

Wednesday, November 23, 2005

Dream Cast Getaway - Weekend Escapade

Funny-looking title eh? I'm so very excited for this coming weekend's line-up! I've planned a very nice escapade for me and my bf to a nice hotel where we can spend time for both of us quietly.. as his birthday is coming soon! I've planned this ever since 2 months ago and really looking forward to it!

But since he reads my blog (not frequently coz maybe because I'm a bit slack in updating it anyway :) so I'm not gonna reveal what I've secretly D.I.Y.-ed for him. Though I must admit that it's not something fabulous but I really hope he'll appreciate it coz anyhow I made it myself with my creativity and ideas, not forgetting the effort but I'm happy doing it for him :D

Just this morning the lady from Gurney Hotel came, just as how she comes and pays me a visit every month to give me updates on the F&B promotions as well as room rate promotions (if any) and I saw that the Fusion Restaurant is offering "Contemporary Japanese and BBQ & Simply Jazzy" themed buffet on Saturdays. I thought I'd bring my bf there for our special pre-birthday dinner since it says the price per pax is inclusive of unlimited serving of house wine, beer, etc. (And getting high is GOOD esp. during an escapade like this, heh heh) And what's more, I do actually hold a Dining Privilege Card courtesty of the lady when she paid her first visit to me, the card entitles me to 20% discount of my first 3 visits, 25% on 4th and 5th visits; 30% for 8th and 9th; with 40% discount on the 10th visit. But I haven't used any of the discounts to this date and it's donne expire next month.

On the other hand, I've actually made a table reservation at Casablanca coz it's a nice, cosy and romantic restaurant to dine in, especially at night. The food is Mediterranean and I thought I'd give my bf a relaxing dinner, since I don't have enough budget to allow us to party out at the clubs so I thought I'd go for the opposite - a relaxing and soothing escapade instead. He's been working hard and constantly feeling tired and I just wanna pamper him :)

I'm sounding so hopelessly faked-noble so I better stop, haha. Things have been going very well for both of us and I really would like this harmoniuos and positive CHI to be around us always.. coz it feels so sweet..

Just earlier tonight he was laughing at me on how naughty I was the other night on the phone that I forgot to update him what my colleague bought for me from her trip to Hadyai, and I couldn't stop laughing coz I was really naughty that night; but as I was arguing back that he was the one who initiated it he couldn't stop laughing and I couldn't stop laughing with a blush on my face at the same time.. suddenly the feeling of shyness and intimacy came rushing back and both of us were indeed sharing a very hearty conversation.

It felt good.

(on my heart that is, not somewhere else that you might be thinking about ;)

Monday, November 21, 2005

More cartoon stuff courtesy of Dorene!

The very same colleague who's famous for shopping has done it again - during her 5-day annual leave stint, she managed to take a break with her family to Ipoh and then went off with her group of 9 friends to Hatyai, bringing back this as a 'sau soun' (Cantonese meaning some sort of souvenir) for me!!!

It's a pack-of-3 cookies set of the famous Winnie the Pooh and friends. The container jars are really cute and they're embossed with the cartoon character designs and not just smooth and flat out; making the cartoon characters actually "stand out". It comes in 3 cookie flavours:-

Chocolate Chip Cookies; Mocca (Mocha to be exact) Chocolate Chip Cookies and Strawberry Flavour Fruit Cookies.

I actually took individual photos of the 3 characters but the one I took of the whole view of the 3 is far more nicer than the ones I took individually (that says a lot about my photography skills *grin*) This is actually the view from top:-

The front view

And last but not least, the back view:-

I couldn't bring myself to tear the outer packaging layer off as yet so I didn't manage to take pics of the content within each of the container jars, and haven't sampled the cookies as yet; but will do so very soon so keep checking out my blog yeah!

Chicken Little band aid??

My colleague is famous for her lunch-time shopping and it was no exception during one fine afternoon, where she was cooed by her sister (also same 'kaki' as her) to get one of the Chicken Little band aids (RM 5.50) on Watson's shelf.

Being as kiasu as the sisters were, both of them bought one pack each, in hope that the designs would be differrent therein, albeit the variation on the outer box designs. Well.... they were wrong. (The box designers must've been ecstatic knowing that so many of these 'aunties' can be fooled so easily into buying 2 boxes at one go) :D

And so my colleague was so proud that she couldn't wait to show me when she came back to the office and said "lemme show you something that you'll definitely want to own!" and I went "Awwww........ so cuuttteeeeeeee!!!!" when she pulled her magic band aid box out! She pulled out the strip of band aid revealing an outline of the different cartoon characters in Chicken Little and I've never seen such cute band aids in my life. I even condemned her for not getting a box for me, but couldn't really blame her coz how would she know if I would want it for sure?

After a while she decided to give up the packet of band aid by selling it to me coz she couldn't bring herself to use the damn thing end of the day anyway, but I honestly didn't have any coins left in my purse so I can only give her RM 5 or RM 10 so she said "oklah! give you 10% discount la..." and she took the RM 5.. and now i'm the happy owner of this!!!
I didn't really take pictures of the contents but it's exactly what the front design depicts - weird-looking octagonal shaped band aids with the cartoon characters in the middle of it. I gave 2 of them to my beloved bf for him to keep in his wallet - am I a good gf or what? :)

Thursday, November 17, 2005

Sicky Sick Sick

I'm sick. Been having sore throat since Sunday and then marathon cough; and now developed into flu. All in 3 days. WOW.

Wow's definitely not the word. BOO-HOO is.

I hate getting sick, especially it's always Milo 3-in-1 type, i.e. you get all in one go : Flu, Cough, Sore Throat and Fever (that's 4 but max an average person can get is 3 so I call it 3-in-1 Milo syndrome). Anyhow I'm glad I didn't get stuck with fever coz I'm still gonna attend my bf's pal's wedding dinner tomorrow nite.

Not forgetting my shopping trip with my girl frens on Saturday. There's this Bumper thingy by CLEO going on this Saturday at Gurney Plaza and I ain't gonna miss it coz I bought the freaking Nov edition just to get some goodie bags there!

As of now i'm feeling a bit sleepy.. no, no, let me put it this way, I've been feeling a very strong urge to sleep on my comfy bed eversince 10am this morning, after my first dose of medication. I should've taken the freaking MC that the doctor offered. The conversation went like this:-

Doc : Do you need an MC for tomorrow?

Me : (acting noble and all) : Nah I can handle it................. err... will the medication make me sleepy?

Doc : Not if you move around during working hours...

Me : Ok then no need lah since I haven't got much to do in the office anyway

I think nobody in their right mind will turn down a doctor-offered-MC, unless they're really dedicated to their work or they've got tight deadlines to meet.

Actually there are 2 reasons behind my "rejection" to the MC.

1 is because the last time I visited this doctor I requested for an MC (I was also sick that time but maybe not on the serious side) and I said something along the lines of "If you're giving me then I take loh" but he shot me back saying "So you want an MC or not?" and I said yes. (or no........ ahhhh... I can't really recall) I don't want to come across to people as if I wanna use some excuse just to get an MC from the doctor, then not having to go to work.

2 is because my mom is back and if I take MC for today means my condition is still not looking good and I wanted to attend the wedding dinner tomorrow nite, I'm concerned if she's not gonna let me go, saying that if I'm sick and needed an MC means I'm not well enough to be out and about yet.

So here I am, working my ass in the office and it's 5:30pm now! Yoo hooo! 30 more minutes to go.

I gotta get my dress out for ironing coz I'll be wearing it to the dinner tomorrow :)


Wednesday, November 02, 2005

Superglued lock hole?

Today was supposed to be a freaking lazy day for work because:

People have started to take annual leaves to enjoy the long weekend (Tuesday was Deepavali holiday, while Thursday & Friday will be Hari Raya) and today is freaking Wed-nes-day, where sane people no longer go to work.

Well who told you I was sane? Well it turns out that this year is NOT last year where 'ben siao jie' (ME) took leaves to head down to KL with my bf for a nice shopping galore; this year I don't have any freaking plans for anything because!!!! I'm very much short of Vitamin M.

So what's the point of taking leaves???? My plan was to actually ENJOY the quietness in the office coz nobody will be turning in for work except for 'ben siao jie'. But people always never seems to fail in spoiling my plan for a quiet day of catching up with my work. I really had all good intentions of clearing off all my workloads in 1 full day.

Arrived at the office building at about 25 minutes to 9am to find 2 of the people from neighbouring office having a bit of discussion at the security office beside the lift, and was told by them that their office doors have been blocked, and even more shocked to learn that our office door had the same fate. I didn't really understood what the girl told me, as in how the doors can be blocked from our access, so 10 minutes later, we all went upstairs coz I wanted to have a look at it myself.

I was shocked when I realised that our keys cannot even be inserted into the key hole at all, and we found traces of whitish fluid, which was later certified to be super glue, running dry below the key hole. DAMN. The key hole has been sealed by damn idiots! A total of 4 offices were affected, and all 4 offices are located at the end most (innermost) portion of the corridor in that particular floor, with the location of the lift as a centrepoint. We really couldn't figure out how this could've happened. Our building's security is considered quite ok considering the fact that they do their rounds on every floor every single hour and still these things happened. The car park has cameras installed, so does every floor's lift area. All staircases are locked at all times, and are only open if there's an emergency.

I was a bit dumbfounded. The building's management office, located right at our floor, is closed (so are 95% of companies and factories) and the initial reaction I got was that they are not very helpful. We didn't know what to do and I couldn't contact my manager coz his phone was off.

My colleague is in Butterworth and so I didn't know what else I can do hence I headed home at 9:30am, after standing here and there for almost an hour. I was pissed coz I had many things to clear in the office and now many idiots are eating up my time.

10:30am came when my manager called to ask and I told him about the findings, where I've also highlighted the incident to the HR Manager in KL. Anyway 11am came when he sms-ed me asking my colleague to turn up at the office (her house is nearer and she's got transport and I don't). Anyhow I knew today was supposed to be my work day and I didn't have any intentions to skip work, so I called him to tell him that I'm ready to go back to work but I've got no transport, so later he came and drove me to the office, where we waited for the locksmith to come; and boy it took around half an hour to crack the freaking super-glued lock!

Finally 1:30pm came when the lock was finally opened, and we went inside and I did my work non-stop, and had to follow up my manager's work as well. I didn't even have time for lunch until I took a break at 3:00pm to have my mee in cup (Japanese stuff - RM 6.30! from Meijiya)

STILL!!! I couldn't finish all the things I've set out to complete for today. WHY? Coz freaking idiots denied me of 4 hours' time!!!! Gawd lately I really really start to hate thieves, vandalists, whatever, coz they never seem to get enough of annoying me. Around this time of last month, my house has been broken into, with most of my valuable stuff stolen from me, and now more idiots come and do idiotic things that will not serve them any benefit at all!!! Why do they ever do this??? I really wonder what the hell are their intentions anyway?

Everything is pissing me off now. I was really thinking to totally go all out and enjoy my 4 days' long weekend with no more backlogs at work, but now I fully realise that I've still got a bunch to do when Monday comes. ARGH!!!

F*** these people who've got nothing else better to do other than making our lives more miserable. -- make this my Quote for the year 2005.

Wednesday, October 26, 2005

= none =

My mind is blank as of now. I'm in the office, doing nothing coz I've finished everything on my plate.

It's not because I've got nothing to do that my mind is blank. It's because of something I don't know how to let go.

What you wrote in your sms was all true. Finally I realised. Shocked as I am, nevertheless, it came across in a cruel way. Too hurtful I guess.

But then again, I brought all these to myself.

I'm split into half right now.

One side I really feel upset and sad that you have hurt me like that. Your actions and your words pierced through my heart like never before. I wanted to be angry at you for causing me so much pain.

The other side of me said I deserved the way you treated me. Coz i'm such a bad person in many ways. I do not have any right to be upset with you and with what you did or said because I'm a bloody bitch.

I wanted to tell you why I didn't answer your calls. But I'm sick of having to explain myself for every single thing I do. Coz I feel that the more I explain, the more I feel cheap and the more you hate me.

I'm scared to listen to what you have to say to me. Coz it may hurt me once again. Or I may become a bitch and say things that will make you upset once again.

Your sms made me realise that there is nothing else I can say to you. And now i'm forcing myself not to expect anything from you anymore. Not because I do not love you, but because I want to be happy.

Sounds so selfish, right?

But the truth is, you are the one whom I truly wish can be happy.

Friday, October 21, 2005

Toshiba vs. Dell show down

Recovered the rare pics I hosted on photobucket of my previous Toshiba laptop and here's the comparison with my current new Dell:-

Honestly I don't like my Dell that much.. simply coz it reminded me a lot of losing my Toshiba.. and simply coz I really took care of my Toshiba so well that it didn't bear any scratches of any kind on it, it was clean 95% of the time, and I really liked the way it made me feel - coz it's slim and sexy, black combined with silver which oozed a sense of style.

On the other hand, the Dell was so huge, it measured up to more than 4cms in thickness and it just says "I'm BULKY" all round.. the silver covers looked cheap and the overall outlook seemed all too CHOR LOR (un-fine).. the thing that pisses me off the most (other than the damn thickness of the thing) is the touch pad:-

Any idot knows how to navigate the damn touchpad if they can own a freaking laptop! What's the point of having the stupid up-down left-right arrow pointers for?? stupid-shit.

Oh well the Dell does come with top-notch (at least to me they are top notch) specs, i've bundled it with Bluetooth as well and that's how i got those pics of my Dell posted here, they're taken with my Nokia 7610, transferred to my Dell.

Start-up and shut down time is really short (thank goodness) and that's what Toshiba cannot compare (maybe it's due to the RAM? Beats me).

All in all, I realised that I can't have the best of both worlds. There must always be some kind of compromise.

Toshiba - nice looking, slim, style; but slow
Dell - bulky, no style, but great specs

Thanks to my parents for being there to support me emotionally and financially for this Dell, and then thanks to my uncle also, for being generous in sponsoring this Dell. I am touched, so very touched. Thanks ya all. Love.

Thursday, October 13, 2005

Re-cap of the terifying incident

I'm back...

still wounded...

I never had a good night's sleep ever since the burglary happened. Every single night, I will wake up all of a sudden, sometimes even a few times in a night, and my vision roaming around my room to see if anyone was inside, taking my things away from me again.

I'm scared.

I'm very much bent ~ emotionally.

In the mid night, I came back with my bf around 1:30am, we went and had a drink at Starbuck's E-Gate with my bunch of friends, took my digicam there n snapped quite a few photos with em, those were some nice shots indeed...

We came back n my bf sent me to my door n left. We talked on the phone after he got home and I slept around 2am or so..

I didn't know what time the thief(ves) came, but I knew I was tired as hell by the time I hit the sack.. I had a few consecutive nights of highly lack of sleep and even when I noticed that my room door was open in the middle of the night, I didn't give much thought to it, the first thought that went through my mind was my grandma or my dad checking if I already came back.. but they never open my door to check on me, coz they know very well that I am definitely back if my door is closed, else it will remain open. But as I said, I was really too worn out that I didn't really bothered. But a few more times I opened my eyes and this time I saw a dark shadow figure standing right at my door, staring right at where I was sleeping, with my room door still half open, and I got really upset and had a strong urge to get myself up to ask my family why they are still staring at me even after I am already home ages ago?? But again, Someone up above must be really looking after me and I canceled my thought coz i was really too tired. On second thought I suspected that it was a ghost (!) coz it didn't seem 'living' - so still in the same position for such a long time - and THAT made me more terrified and I hugged my bolster ever so hard on top of me and just closed back my eyes, as if i knew if I didn't, whoever the shadow is looking at me will harm me in ways I never would have known.

After that I heard noises coming from the dining/living area as well, but I honestly thought it was my grandma having a tough time going to sleep and hence she woke up to roam about doing some random stuff outside, so I never had a second thought about it, but my room door remained open when i heard the noises, and for a moment I thought it was really odd and That was the time when I really wanted to get up coz I was furious why I was being 'harrased' by my own family and how come they couldn't leave me alone? (I really hate anybody who comes n simply opens my door when I'm sleeping or when I'm doing anything at all with my door closed) but I never did. And I'm really grateful and thankful of the Someone who looked after me from up above.

Morning came and I heard the usual loud conversation between my dad and my grandma.. but this time it was a bit different, coz they were not on their usual argument on food stuff, bla bla bla, instead they were talking about the lock, which lock they were referring to I had no idea, and finally both of them came inside my room and my dad asked me did I lock the doors when I came back last nite? N I said Yes of course! and he said 'aiyo, I think our house JIP CHAT (got borken into) already...' My immediate reaction was HAH? and I was wide awake there and then and looked towards the under side of my desk only to find my laptop bag gone. I cried mildly and soon after I slowly realised one by one that my handphone was also gone, and then my digital camera, and then both of my handbags gone. By that time I reaslise my bags were also gone, it was too much to bear and I totally broke down and I cried helplessly, and hugged my dad and just couldn't hold my sadness anymore.. I guess this is the first time ever I hugged my dad and he told me 'I understand Hoong... I know how you feel, but what is gone is gone, as long as you are alright, that's what matters the most'. In my mind, I just couldn't bear the thought of someone entering my room, and took the laptop that has all my study hard work inside, all my memory photos and my collections all this while; and my digital camera that was my bf's precious present for my 25th birthday... all the memory photos contained inside... me and my bf, my family and relatives during my cousin sister's wedding dinner @ KL.. my dear frens' pics we took that night.. all gone... The purse that I liked a lot, also bought by my bf....

On Monday I took emergency leave to re-do my IC, Driver's License and re-apply all of my ATM and credit cards, only to return from the National Registration Dept, to find my 2 hand bags underneath the stove, behind the gas in the kitchen area. Coz I saw some of the papers on my desk and I asked my mom where did she find the papers? She said underneath the stove and I told her these papers belong in my purse! So by chance I went to the kitchen area to have a look, and there are my 2 handbags, as if yelling 'Save Us! We're Here! Don't leave us alone here!' I took them out and I was so happy to find all my belongings still intact despite all the 100 over ringgit cash gone. At least I still have the photos of me and my bf inside :)

Anyhow, now i'm still applying for my final thesis deadline extension and I got myself a new Dell laptop and I have to admit that I'm scared as ever, of history repeating itself... I miss my Toshiba Sattellite A50 laptop so badly..... and I miss my Konica Minolta X50 ever more dearly.... They are my heart and soul.... the most precious belongings that I have so far.... coz it's not easy for me to own them... it's even harder for the people who gave them to me... and i'm just so sad....


Lately I'm very disturbed by the disappointing behaviour of my manager at work and it seems harder and harder to keep going in my job......... he's making me and my colleague's life miserable and I really do not have any motivation other than the salary I need badly to maintain my living...

Life at home is another low... I can't do anything about the problem between my dad and my grandma... and yesterday nite my uncle called and asked that I try to calm things down between them.. do something about it although it might be fruitless in the end... at least i tried.... and try to talk my dad out of heavy drinking....

It's not that I never did all the things my uncle said... but nobody gives a damn to what I say. To the adults, I'm always the smallest in ranking and nobody should listen to me anyway. My dad's drinking is getting worse by the day. I hate having him driving me home with foul words hanging loose and him getting us killed with his road bully behaviour on the road... provoking everybody on the streets who gets in his way... churning out shit talk from his mouth with hot temper and all.... I just hate it! But WHAT CAN I DO??????????

I'm only human... I have feelings too... WHAT ABOUT ME????????????????? i'm alone and there really is not much I can do to make the situation better... i tried.... but nothing changes............ what more can I do??????? I need love tooo.... I need people to give me attention tooo... to care about how I feel inside tooo!

I work like a machine every single day and my manager is giving me shit and never appreciates.. taking me for granted all the time.......... I come home and arguments are triggered every 3 minutes over petty matters.... I wanna run away........ far far away... but I don't even have a transport fod goodness' sake! where the hell can i go??? A place called NOWHERE it seems..... I wanna be able to have my own transport to get myself to work everyday, to have the freedom to go wherever i like, whenever i like... but why is life ever so hard for me? Just when I thought things are getting better for me, why must bad things always crop up on me? Are they telling me that they're not through with me yet? Again and again, I had to endure falls and falls.... falls that never seem to end... I don't expect a life which runs as smooth as butter, but why must it be full of thorns? Breaking my mental strength again and again??

No words can describe what I feel inside.

I feel that I'm a nobody and nobody will really be able to understand all the pain that I had to go through all these 25 yrs of my life.

I don't know how long it will take me to recover.

Probably never.

= END =

Wednesday, October 05, 2005

I just lost MYR 7,000+ :````(

My house has been broken into while we were all sleeping on Saturday mid night. The thief(ves) came into my room and stole my laptop with pen drive, digital camera, mobile phone, and MYR 120+ cash.


What has our society become? Daring till they can come into our bedrooms to steal? I had sleepless nights thinking how some strangers sneaked into my room :S

Friday, September 23, 2005

Argh! I hate paper cuts!

Cut my left pointing finger (finger next to the thumb) the other day from the damn paper at work and Dorene was nice enough to save me with a tiger-designed band aid (that's what she said).
I never had any of these fancy-designed band aid before and it's kinda cute :) though it doesn't seem to have sufficient "medicated" portions to it - especially in the middle.
But be cautious coz the above is a wrong way to band aid a person's wounded finger coz it prevents blood from circulating to the tip of the finger, see below:-
see how 'pale' the portion that was previously being band aid-ed look?
Nasty, nasty cut.. tsk tsk tsk... I hate paper cuts for 2 simple reasons:-

1. It disrupts all my daily activities - wearing my contact lens, washing my hands, bathing myself, washing my hair - very important, etc etc..... coz it hurts whenever it kena water

2. It takes time to heal and it will ONLY heal if I protect it from all the evils like water, dirt and what not.

After 2 whole days of taking good care of it (which made me skip my hair washing session, making my hair stink), finally it healed! Tada!!! I happily washed my hair this morning :)

Weird-looking but expensive benches

Clones of Mickey-Minnie?


Bugs Bunny and Twin? Beats me.

Hello! They cost around RM 1,400 each (!) you know! My bf was wondering if people were to sit on it thinking they belong to Gurney Plaza but the actual fact is they're on sale from one of the shops there. Is this a sales plot or what?? The benches sure look fragile and highly unstable to me. :S

The Hands of a Billionaire-to-be

Behold! This pair of hands belong to the next Malaysian Billionaire!!! (Pls ignore the fact that they're under-utilised with only 2 fingers doing the typing)

Thursday, September 22, 2005

Dome Cafe Gurney Plaza

It's always nice to be able to pamper ourselves once in a while, to some good food, good atmosphere, good shopping, good massage, good vacation or outing, and so many more. One of the privileges I consider is to dine at Dome Cafe, seriously.

Why you ask? Coz it's freaaaaakiiinnng expensive that's why! Don't you know? On average a 2-person meal costs around RM 70-RM 80 (including taxes and what not) so to me, that's even more than what we're paying to dine at The Ship (which we consider quite a privilege as well) That said, the food tastes really nice so I guess that somehow reimbursed our mentality on the costli-ness of it.
Anyway, we didn't see the Durian shake thingy still on promotion so we asked the waiter and he said 'yeah, still got' and his facial expression was as if saying "you mean there are ppl who wanna order that?" So I went for a cranberry cooler and a creamy seafood spaghetti while my bf ordered a durian shake with a flagship Dome chicken pie.

Let's check out the drinks!

L : Cranberry Cooler, R : Durian Shake

Upclose look on the Durian shake: (This is dedicted to siew moi moi)

I'm still insisting that the shake must be made from real durian flesh and not from ice cream but my bf is also, still insisting that it's made from durian ice cream (the one from Nestle some more), coz it tastes so gooey and thick and all, just as if it's made from durian flesh!!!

Next, my creamy seafood came and boy, was I glad to be hungry coz I don't think I can finish the whole thing coz it's too filling - the cream and all, though it tastes oh-so-perfect, seasoned well and the taste of seafood and its cream not too overpowering.

The flagship of Dome Cafe - Dome Chicken Pie came last but the pie was a little too cold so my bf immediately noticed it and I had a bite - not hot enough ok??? It should be hot, hot and hot with steam coming out of the thing! The word "Delicious" on the coaster just somehow doesn't seem to match the chicken pie.

All in all, we still had a great time there, enjoyed our food, he enjoyed his ample view of chicks walking past, coming in and all and I've always wanted to try more of what Dome has to offer. So far, I've tried its Wild Mushroom Soup before - nice and thick but never attempt to gulp it down if you have a shallow stomach, coz it's very rich and you gotta down it while it's still hot, else it will turn all muddy and gooey and you won't feel like touching it anymore.

I've tried its Spicy Olio as well, it's a variation of the usual spaghetti whereby the difference is that it comes out as spicy (I'm such a genius with words). I like it a lot, though it tends to leave behind loads of olive oil (virgin or not I'm not too sure).

Best of all, we didn't have to pay a single cent coz it's all paid by Visa. (MY Visa *eyes rolled*)

Saturday, September 17, 2005

Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant - Negative at 1st glance

Me and my bf finally decided to have a taste of the newly opened Kim Gary Restaurant outlet at Gurney Plaza, after having a long decision-making process of what time to go so as to avoid the long queue outside the outlet, so we headed there around 6pm-ish in a Saturday evening.

Actually, it's opened on the 3rd of 4th floor, in the middle portion, where there are newly renovated shoplots lining both sides of the restaurant. It is pretty unusual of its location, as it's surrounded by shoplots selling kids' stuff as well as some souvenir outlets.

Anyway, back to our dinner - we had to first get a number, like what you normally do for over-the-counter banking; and then wait for them to call your number. So I took a photo of one side of the outlet, and already i'm feeling a bit weird as people walking by are looking at me like i'm a SUA PA KAO (literally translates to a monkey from the jungle) or something.

After a short while, we were informed that there is a seat, but it's for a minimum 4 seater, 2 on on side of the table and another 2 on the other side; and the waiter asked if we mind sharing a table with another 2 people (we were the first ones to hop in while waiting for another 2 prospects). Reluctant as we were, we surely didn't wanna wait any longer just to get a table to ourselves so we chose to be generous enough to share our table with other newcomers :)

This was the upper interior which extends high up nearly to the upper floor space (which has already been opened up)
We had a tough time deciding what to eat, considering there were plenty (nearly 70 items) to choose from, and we had to tick the items we wanted to order off the order sheet they provided us, together with a tiny pencil. So in the end my bf ordered a cheese-baked (beef) rice set meal which comprises of the main chee-baked rice with a tiny soup, yoghurt and also a serving of coffee or tea; while I ordered a beef soup noodle and a banana ice kacang-like dessert thingy.

We were served the cup-sized soup, yoghurt and banana ice kacang thingy first, and my bf didn't like the soup, not because it's Kim Gary's, it's because he didn't fancy it all the while - it's called Lor Soong Thong in Cantonese - made from celery, tomatoes, some vegies, and the soup is red orangish in colour - comes off as a bit salty and a bit sourish - that's why he doesn't like it - but I like the taste of it, just that it's too damn cold and so I didn't finish it - tasted awful served cold like that.

We then tried the banana ice kacang which is in such a HUGE size, and I thought cool! I get to gulp most of these stuff! But it was sooooo disappointing to realise that it tasted overboardly sweet - the person who made it must've poured in a massive amount of sugar essence to start with!

Then my bf's cheese-baked beef rice came and it looked good - quite unique I would say, coz I never had rice baked with cheese, served with meat and all before, and the beef are quite tender and well-marinated. (The tiny cup beside is the one containing Lor Soong Thong-yes, it comes in that small of a size)
My beef noodle soup wasn't anything to write home about, it's just plain noodle soup with strips of marinated and stir-fried beef in it - just like my bf's rice - the beef is the only thing worthy of mentioning.

So after our main course, we went back to Combatting our banana ice kacang and I even tried to salvage it by crushing the remaining shaved ice into melted water to dilute the sweetness, but to no avail, even after I've melted ALL the ice! We decided it's high time to certify the damn thing UNEDIBLE:-

Look at how thick the damn thing is!

And how much sugar it contains!!!!! goodness will you just look at the froth that comes with it???

Honestly speaking, we were quite disappointed with the quality of the food there, considering the fact that it earned so many compliments on average, and how much I have looked forward to trying its food; coz the last time when we wanted to have our lunch at the Sungai Wang outlet, the queue was simply too long and we were a bunch of hungry people who just could't afford to wait.

On a positive note, we hope it is just like what my fren said, they're just too new and not really familiar with the portions and ingredients to it yet, just like how Mong Kok started out last time where their food tasted horrible and how they have improved much over time. So I really look forward to sample Kim Gary again, hoping to gain new levels of confidence in their food once again - but definitely without my bf's company coz he insisted that he will set foot in the restaurant no more :)

Monday, September 12, 2005

Lots of reviews coming up! Next - on Le Jade Sac :)

I snapped quite a few shots here and there at some eating outlets - Hong Kong Kim Gary Restaurant - new at Gurney Plaza & The Dome Cafe - Gurney Plaza (with Durian Shake pics included);

and also some other miscellaneous stuff but I couldn't find the time to post it up just as yet, so please bear with me a li'l while and there will be pics for all to see soon!

Sunday, September 11, 2005

First time first hand smoke experience

I smoked for the first time of my life so far. It all seems too unbelievable, I never imagined I would smoke ever.

Guess I just have a bad girl living inside me waiting to spring out or something, last night me and my bf joined his pals to a night's out at Mambo (2 outlets beside Starbuck's at Gurney Hotel) and it was all a night of hard liquor plus 2 side servings of beer. Anyway, my bf's pals started to offer him cigarrattes so he took them (he's a non-smoker and only smokes like once or a twice a year, cumulatively with or without me by his side), he only smokes when he hangs out at pub or karaoke, so I saw he smoked 2 of them and by the second one I asked to have a "taste" of it and he offered it to me, I just inhaled a bit and then out - nothing to it. And then the final 3rd one, he actually refused to take it but one of his pals kept on shoving the thing to his mouth and lighting it for him so he took it again, and again I asked for another puff, this one I took a deeper inhale and when I huffed it out I can finally see the smoke coming out of my mouth :)

Anyhow, eventhough I didn't finish a whole cigarrette to myself, I still don't really feel a big of a deal in smoking, as in why so many people are so obsessed with it, getting addicted to it and all, coz to me I don't feel any difference in the effects after I smoke, coz I felt the same so i asked my bf what's the big deal in smoking anyway? Do you feel calmer after a smoke? Do you feel happier? Do you feel better? (As in the context of drinking liquor where it makes you high and forget your sorrows, and tearing down your mental barrier and all) And he said 'No ar... ' so I asked him "So is it just the looks of you smoking that you think might 'appeal' to girls or make you come across as 'cool' to others?" and he answered me in Cantonese "Yeah.. you're right, it makes me look 'Hou Lan L Yeng' (which translates more or less to 'super cool' with the help of a foul word to amplify the effect of 'cool'-ness)

And so I went off to observe my bf while he smokes, how he holds the cigarrette, how he inhales and exhales it out, and indeed he looked different from usual and I thought to myself : Hmm.... how sexy.... (seriously) but I can accept the fact that he's just a very casual smoker, and even I saw for myself how sexy he is doing that, I still can't accept it if he ends up being an addicted smoker, coz I simply do not like people smoking around me - Period. (Exclusions are pubs, etc where you can't control people smoking around you)

Anyhow, the after effect of MY 2 short inhales of smoke made me suffer the below symptoms:-

1. Drier than usual throat
2. Which lead to more coughs afterwards
3. Repeat 1 and 2 the next day
4. Mentally feeling my lungs cursing at me for trying the excitement of smoking

Well, all in all, smoking does make you look cool but I still do not want it stuck to me for the most of my life, and surely the same applies to the people I love, coz the cons definitely outweighed the pros (or should I say PRO - singular) A LOT

To all the smokers out there - don't be tempted - puffing occassionally if you really must, or if you really feel like it - is still ok; but don't ruin your life by letting it run your life.

Monday, September 05, 2005


Very blue.

I shouldn't have done that. I know I shouldn't, but I really can't help it. Anybody at all, pls save me from becoming such an evil person.

I am stingy. N I am calculative. But that's all survival skills. I truly believe that there are times that we should be stingy and calculative and that there are many more times that we should not.

Giving money to beggars who are fully capable of getting a job, any job = NO

"Lending" money to so-called friends who only contacts you when they are short of cash = rightfully-so-not-gonna-happen (though I was still ripped of 80 bucks by a cheap bastard)

Spending (not necessarily money) on people I love and who loves me back = worthwhile

Giving selflessly to my parents who have way surpassed giving me selflessly = MUST (and what I feel happy and proud of the most, though the contribution is so minor)

Feeling like such a selfish bitch for finding fault with my bf like that just now.

I'm so sorry.

We have such different principles and values. I really don't know how to achieve a balance. I know I should just give up - not on the relationship but on trying to make sense into him. Either he does not, and will never understand; and so I will forever continue to expect; or he just does not know how to take baby steps at a time. I doubt that he will ever understand that, eventually, things will change, but only if you are willing to make the changes.

I so believe in "A little effort goes a long way". The little changes and baby steps you take now will, in time, become huge and when the time comes, everything will become crystal clear that you have at least achieved something out of it, albeit small to others, but it will be so significant to you - the one who knew how hard it took for you to get there.

The last thing I want to do is make him feel pressured and that he is not worth for me.

The worst feeling of all is, I think I have done just that.

# # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # # #

I hope my wallpaper can make me feel calm enough to realise that life is still worth carrying on.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

Not always a good thing to be "considered"

A lady named "Lisa" (ring a bell? =) from Jobstreet called yesterday during my working hours, and asked if it was convenient for me to talk at the moment, well of course it obviously wasn't, considering the fact that my colleague and manager were within close vicinity and so I suggested a time later last night for her to call, but she said she'll call at 9, of which is a.m. or p.m. is unknown to me, since I turned down the volume of my mobile so the content of the conversation will not be heard.

After work, my manager asked us to join in for dinner with one of the people from the complaint dept from corporate office so we went for dinner at Siam Express, Gurney Plaza then headed onto Honolulu for an unwinding session of wine (or was it whisky?) the whole nite I was a bit anticipating the call but it never came and so I thought Lisa was talking about calling me tomorrow (Saturday), and i set my alarm to go off at 8:45am just so I could wake myself up in time to pick up the call. Out of curiosity, I checked my phone back for her number and surprising to see that it's a KL land line number, so I thought to myself : probably it's a call on behalf of the "Advertiser" to ask me for an interview? Considering that my application status for the job was "Under Consideration".

So by now you would've guessed it - the call never came even this morning at 9 am, and I was pretty pissed coz i slept around 1:30am and now I've gotta wake my lazy bum up for nothing! So I went back to sleep after 9:45am and thought to myself : maybe she meant Monday 9 am? I can only find out on Monday then *shucks*

Anyway, so I went back to MyJobstreet and logged into my account to have a look at the stats of the job i applied for, and this is what is showed:-

Note : Look carefully at these 2 stats:-

Total : 119

Total Under Consideration : 117

Application : Under Consideration

What the hell?

The night before it just showed 40 under consideration and all of a sudden the hiring person decides that everybody except for 2 unfortunate applicants do not deserve to be "considered". Hah! And for a while I thought my application proved to deserve the "considered" status. *eyes rolled*

Kiss the "Under Consideration" goodbye coz it ain't real! It's fake! For goodness' sake! n I so wanna kiss LISA goodbye too..

Shove it behind my back for now coz i'm gonna take a nice shower and go hang out, it's Saturday!!

Monday, August 29, 2005

True Love Is Like... I Love You

Love Angel says :
"True love is like... I Love You".

HAKCHANG SIJUL = School Life in Korean.

Thanks Jin, for being a part of my uni life and leaving me fond memories, hope we can still keep in touch and forever be friends. I don't wanna lose you coz you mean so much to me - you, and Catherine.

C'mon rambo - there you go

Rambo is usually shy by nature. I wonder how he/she walks comfortably with such short legs (?).
Sometimes when Rambo is more receptive or when he/she feels like flying, suddenly the ears are all flapped up, ready to go.
Go Rambo! Love u always! U cheer me up when I nearly lost hope - I wish I could fly too - just like you.

PpG comes in boxes too ya know...

The PowerPuff Girls is making headlines again with its line of square box tissues! I shouldn't say it's a come back, actually the box version should be launched head-to-head with the tissue packets, just that I didn't notice it but lucky me! It didn't manage to espace from my forever PpG-GPRS-locater eyes and I saw one of the PpG boxes at the supermarket...

and was even more surprised to find that they come in F.O.U.R. as well!

To be honest, upon scrutinising the boxes close up, I found the quality of the boxes to be rather dodgy, as well as the finishing touches a bit too cin cai, with blots of dried up glues clearly visible on the sides where the paper board's joints are. I can't help it coz I, too, am slowly catching the disease of people who are in the paper industry, more so coz we are one of the main suppliers of Box board (board used to make boxes duh).

But~~~~!!! The designs are full of colour and they are simply - Awesome!!!! The overall design concept of the boxes are actually an extension of the tissue packs, whereby they have the same 'maturing' quality in all three of the girls, but the boxes come with an extra touch of having LV-like monograms (oOoooOooohhhh....), bearing what else but mixture of 'ppg' wordings, heart shapes, four leaf clovers, flowery patterns and snowy dinglets (i think I just invented a new word :o) They look quite classy but cute at the same time with the monograms and I just love 'em.... and as if the LV-like monograms are not enough, they even have this global franchise thingy lined all over the bottom of the box in black - Paris * Milan * Townsville * New York; and the Million Dollar question is...............

Which of the global franchise location is true in this case? Is it..
A. Paris

B. Milan

C. Townsville

D. New York

This is so not a million dollar question coz obviously C is forever the correct answer, even in this post!

So let's kick it off with my fave Bubbles!!!

There's actually not a lot of words to describe these cute li'l things except cute, cute... and sooooo.... cute!! @#^%* (these are symbols of enthusiasm and should not be interpreted otherwise)

Ok.. the lower left corner actually says "I love the special softness of Premier" (i doubt the statement but let's just go with it for the sake of PpG shall we?)

The Bubbles one actually says 'Glamour Zone' with a playful her posing the model S-to-the-front pose on the side, while there are 2 lady-like poses on each of the 2 main sides of the box:- 1 in the seated position while the other standing.. and her ever-big round eyes stood out like they're telling me 'u made the right choice picking me as your fave!!' (imagine it uttered with Bubbles' cartoon-ish voice) And the last pic highlights the lid where the signature PowerPuff Girls logo can be seen in Black and White.

Next up we have our leader Blossom++++

ssom is one time posing in a lying position with her pretty face when suddenly she storms up and flashes her ever long auburn hair! Cool! Blossom's statement is "Wanna dish?" with a sweet, inviting look from her on top.

Last but not least, thou shall not forget Buttercup as she has grown to be very prim and proper :)

Buttercup looks a bit mischievious even while standing very straight on one side while the other portrays her trying hard to pose in a seducing grin... hahahhaha... The side is equally cute with Buttercup sitting on one side while holding her legs to another, maintaining her flash of an all-winning Darlie smile :D

The black one is most definitely the most unique one as black colour was never one of the essential colours in PpG and it actually looked mysterious yet classy to put all the PpG together in--

The "ppg" monograms actually stood out more in black and even both of the main sides bear the same design, my ultimate liking was the side design with Bubbles and Buttercup smilling away happily that their eyes formed a thin wavy line! It's the cutest of them all !!!!!!!!!!! Here is says 'diva x 3' and they indeed live up to it, nevertheless a cuter version.

I don't know if i can really use the tissues or if i'm ever gonna throw the boxes away once the tissues run out.. it's such a horrible thing to do to PpG... but for the time being, i'm gonna keep them... and keep them.. and keep them....